Dear . . .

Blogging world~

I apologize profusely for the following:

- abusing your power by tearing others down (no more posts lashing out at others I promise).

- neglecting you for the past week.

- not giving you an update of my incredibly beautiful life lately.

A few things I would like to share out of pure joy:

- Today, a mesmerizing pilot came into work and his piercing blue eyes made me blush as I asked him about his dental history. P.S. I think he liked it because it made him smile goofily . . .

- My roommates ARE incredible. They ARE angelic. This move was the BEST thing that has happened to me.

- I have stayed up talking and laughing until at least 1am every morning since moving. Bliss . . .

- I got a sweet promotion and ADORE my job. seriously. I look forward to working on a daily basis.

- Meditation is a new must

- I haven't spent money on food this entire week thanks to my job that has provided me with a lunch large enough to keep me content throughout the day.

- My bed is too cute. So little in it's corner. A single mattress with no frame. It's a humble bed with a dang sweet decorative pillow!

- I thought I liked HIM, but now I think I am intrigued by HIM . . . i still love love as much as ever!

And for the FINALE:
- I'm going to perform in Santa Monica tomorrow and it's going to be a gorgeous sunny day! wheeeeee . . .

*I have no internet, which is why this post will be the only one until Tuesday. PLUS, I can't wait to catch up on all of your beautiful little blogs for the past week and a half. Loves!!


ren said...

So glad you made it back to blogging! I always love your posts!!! I'm so happy for you....that life is going good, with the new roomies, and work, and your music! You deserve it Jules! You are such a cutie!!!

allie said...

You may think i'm kidding, but i'm so not when i say that if i weren't in a relationship i would be out there living on that mattress with you. Not doing as well at my job as you are i'm sure, but i'm seriously so jealous but so freakin happy for you! i have to agree with ren too i missed your blogging so much! i want you to take pics of where you live now so that i can see please!!! Thanks and i'm so glad you're finding some success...you're the sweetest!
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