Pieces . . .


For those . . .

Who have already promoted my show like crazy, (cause I know you have had nothing better to do with the last 2 days of your life. right??)

make note, due to an   e x c e s s i v e   amount of stress and worry that the CD won't be finished on time, I have pushed the date back to December 3rd.  Yes DECEMBER 3rd.

What could be better than some awesome new CD for friend, neighbor, or family Christmas gifts?? or holiday gifts to be de-secularized. 

Mark it on zee calendar pleeeze
love love


I'm so nervous . . .

I feel like I was just socked in the gut with a brick.

I don't know WHY I'm soooo nervous, maybe it's just the fact that we're coming down to the wire.

This is the time to prove whether or not I can make it in this music business.

Thankfully, Velour in Provo, offered me that empty slot (seen on the show calendar) on Friday, November 12th. BUT, because it is a weekend night, I have to feel confident that I can bring in at least 150 people.
That is a ginormous load of people. That means I would need all of YOU, my followers, stalkers, family, friends . . . to bring all of YOUR stalkers, families, and friends in order to make this work. not just a buddy or a boyfriend, I'm talkin' your whole "FAM DAMILY" . . . extended . . . AND through marriage. . .

Please, someone PLEASE convince me that this will be worth my confirmation that I give Velour tomorrow. 

I love music. I love lyrics. I love what music can do for people's souls and I believe wholeheartedly that I have created an album (with the help of numerous people, muses, and God) that is worth listening to.  Worth getting to know, through and through. 

Will you help me?? tell the whole world that my release concert is happening and EVERY single BODY that comes through that door counts?? bug your friends to no end until they swear that they will be there????  Let others know that there is a dreamer out there and this is a critical point in making that dreamer's dream a reality?  

I love you all. even if you do NOTHING to help me. but I pray, that you will give a small amount of time in helping me inspire and uplift this world. 

And if I look out to a crowd that meets or even exceeds my expectations that day, I can guarantee that there will be tears.  Oh yes, I will cry my eyes out. 

Thank you . . . I have now stepped off of my soap box. carry on. 


God taught . . .

me something new today.

It should never get easier, you should only keep getting better.

For that piece of motivation, I find another reason to praise Him and glorify His name.


Finish album . . .


photoshoot: Check.

marketing: bleeeeh, i hate this part, still on the list

I just finished moving to Utah yesterday.

The second i finished driving 11 hours and unpacking my car, I re-packed camping gear and headed to the mountains to sleep under the stars for the night. no literally, we didn't have a tent.  I woke up this morning to a glowing view down timpanogas canyon and had a breath-taking hour studying the gospel and soaking up the beauty of fall (when I lived in California, every season felt like summer, which don't get me wrong, was nothing short of paradise, but I have to admit. . . I looove fall) before the others woke up and we left for home.

I'm happy to have a room with incredible roommates (aka my parents).  I am so much happier and excited than I expected. what a pleasant surprise!

a few photos from the shoot that we did at the beach before I left

Photos taken by Kimberlee Whitehead. . . she rocks. Also, Melissa did my hair and make up (she convinced me that she could make me look natural and her creative hand blew me away.)

But of course . . . you will have to wait to see the one we chose for the cover.

aren't those 2 ladies incredible?? they made me look like a rockstar


woah. . .

it's been awhile. trying to keep up on all the hilarious/inspirational/informational blog posts that I've missed this past week is definitely not doable.

Today I record again. it's one of my LAST recording days. kind of makes me want to cry a bit . . . out of pure joy of course.

I've been consistently running 6 miles a day. it's actually getting to a "it feels like i will survive" point.  feels good on the body. i keep remembering that come that fateful day in April, I will have to run 6 miles 4 times plus a little. people have been asking why I am not starting off with a half-marathon.  I'm not one of those people.  I think I would feel like a pansy if I signed up for a HALFmarathon. I just think to myself, "you go halfway, you may as well go all the way. go big or go home." I like to go big. don't let me sound so rude,  I think people who run half-marathons are hardcore, it's just my pride is all.

yesterday, Tara and I had a "day full of fun" where we spent 90% of the time catching rays playing outside, swimming, exploring, eating, a little shopping, and ended it with the perfect dance party on a darkened basketball court.

my apartment looks pathetic. no couches, not a dish in sight, roommates abandoned me. . . boooo

i'm actually longing for my room in Utah again where all of my belongings are kept. it's just pure convenience.

I've got my album title name and good ideas for the photo shoot. it maka - me - very - happy

I'm re-reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" and had to sprint for about 15 minutes the other night because I felt like my thoughts were going to kill me. it was a cool moment.  that book is sooooo incredible. it tears you down and then shows you the hope at the end. very eye-opening. I highly recommend it.

I wish i were feeling more articulate right now. because i know i'm just rambling. life at 21 is fan-tastic. this is the year in which many of my goals will be completed. hopefully, I will find more along the way to accomplish.  i love self-discipline and think i'm a bit of masochist.  i force myself to do things or deprive myself a lot just so i can gain self mastery.  but hey, it's why i'm here living on this earth. to gain control over my weaknesses.  prepare to meet my Maker.  My Father.

i love you