A wonderful . . .

roommate and beautiful angel of mine reminded me today that:

1. I have a dream.

2. I am here for a reason, regardless of what it is, I still have my dream to pursue.

3. My talent far surpasses my endless criticisms.

4. I can make my dream come true once i put in the eff----ort.

Isn't she lovely?

I'd say so. . .

needless to say, I've been doubting myself more than I realized. Good thing I have people on my side :)


dance yourself silly said...

I am on your side! 100%! I love you SO stinking much. It has been far too long since we last chatted. I have honestly a whole book to tell you. BUT, more importantly- I am so glad you are DREAMER. You inspire me! Call me soon. I love you!

allie said...

hey i talked to my grandma yesterday and she said you were thinking of coming back to utah...does this mean you've changed your mind?