Jaw dropping. . .

posts I have been reading from you lovely people.

Right now, I am leaning FULLY on YOUR inspiration. That's right. All of it. Maybe because I'm feeling not. so. inspirational? I lack luster in the inspiring world department.

Blessed am I to have incredible souls to look up to. Seriously. Unreal. You are all magnificent and all play a huge part in my life.

This blog post is dedicated to YOU. I don't care who YOU are because YOU have inspired me in some way this week.

What did my meditative state tell me today? That I am feeling humble and a bit inferior (like a child) eager to learn and grow because I have realized as of late how truly imperfect I am.
I love you. With all of my h * u * g * e embodied heart.


J. said...

Love you, Jules!
Happy Friday XOXO

Meag said...

What's amazing is how when reading this all I can think of is how inspirational and motivating You are as a person! How you make others feel so important and loved. Great people keep great company!