I will now give the most cliche analogy. . .

and make it work for love. Don't judge a book by its' cover. TRULY think about this. Take a book with the most glorious cover in the world (which will be different to everyone) and stare at it. Do you love it? Yes, of course you LOVE the cover, you LOVE the outside, it's the most glorious cover you have ever seen so you will LOVE it. Do you LOVE the book though? Do you LOVE the author that wrote the book, created, and defined the book just by the look of the cover? *erase sarcasm for just a second* no, you don't LOVE the book or the author just by looking at the cover. Now read the book, of course you will take time to read this book because it has a beautiful cover! What if this book appears to be the most incredible book in the universe but the contents are completely ugly to you? Do you LOVE the book now? No, you will most likely try to sell the book on ebay or give it to the DI. It's not even worthy to recommend to your family or friends.

You see, when I start reading a book, I finish it. Whether the words are heinous or wonderful. I can't pick up a book without reading the entire book, be it ugly or beautiful cover. This is how I am with my relationships. I read the entire book and go for the ugly and the beautiful. I always find something to LOVE about the book at the end of my curious journey. The worst book I've ever read is good for one thing: It was humorously outlandish. Give every book a chance. Read it and study its' contents until you can find something to LOVE about it. The next time you go to the book store or library, pick up the UGLIEST book you can find. I dare you. You may be surprised by it's contents. I also dare you to talk to the UGLIEST person you see at your next "social event". Stop searching only beautiful people. Boys and Girls are both to blame. I can honestly say that although looks can persuade me, I will ALWAYS dig deep to find something I LOVE about everyone. Some of the most amazing people I've met are not necessarily beautiful on the outside. It's amazing what LOVING the inside can do for the outside appearance though.

One day, I will pick up an ordinary, ugly, or exceptional looking book (because I search all 3) and scan it down to pocket size because I want nothing more than to read that book ALL the time. That, my friends, is true LOVE.

Post script. . . This is my new wish list item.A Loop pedal. Want to see one in action? (I promise you do) Click here. Incredible. If you were not aware, KT is a hero of mine.

Today. . .

I am going to post some honesty. why? because men lately, aren't honest. Suck it.

- I rock out to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus EVERY time it comes on in my car.
- I Facebook stalk lots and lots.
- I love it when someone asks me to play my music. It gives me so much confidence.
- I love attention more than I'm willing to believe.
- I love a boy who is still on a mission and it sucks because he has no idea.
- I take so much pride in my ability to love everyone.
- I will make it to the top in my music career. There is no question.
- I ate a box of macaroni and cheese while in my 2nd month of veganism.
- I cry at least once a week.
- I believe I have a beautiful smile.

Try hard boys, because we're sick of your crap.

*This post in defense of my wonderful cousin who had a shady thing happen to her. Love you.


New Music Thursday??

I know I know, I'm horridly late. But, I thought I would give a shout out to Ingrid Michaelson today who came out with her 4th album yesterday titled: EVERYBODY
It's an Incredible CD. Trust me, every song is worth it!
I so admire Ingrid for her ability to make it without signing on with a record label. She's a rockstar in many forms of the definition. Go Ingrid GO!


Trend Spotting. . .

SWEATPANTS?? My life has been changed forever. I knew it would catch up with us someday! Wheeeee!


A Night Filled with Magic!

The oh so adorable Birthday Girl, Caitlin
It started off at Red Iguana for Miss Caitlin Mecham's Birthday, she is now 20 and celebrated her Golden! Then we were off to the FREE Iron and Wine concert which was AWESOME. They do the greatest free concerts every thursday night throughout the summer, courtesy of the Gallivan Center. If you ever need something to do while visiting Salt Lake in the summer, GO TO A CONCERT! We then journeyed over to Caitlin's house to have cake and do the whole birthday shabang! It was loads of fun, especially all the crazy dancing.
JRowe, Abs, and C8 (Jenny, Abbey, and Caitlin) aren't they gorgeous?
Then, spontaneity took over and I cut straight across bangs in my hair. . . well I wasn't the one who cut them, the FABULOUS Claire Hunter cut them, right in Caitlin's bathroom. I LOVE THEM! Who would have thought?? It all came about from a comment that JROWE
(or formally known as Jenny Rowe) made when we first got to Red Iguana. She mentioned her desire to see me with straight across bangs, and the rest of the crew chimed in until I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted them right there and then, so presto!

Claire is a licensed hairstylist and is AMAZING! She is fantastic at what she does so if you ever need a great hair cut, you know who to call on.
This is Claire and I before she cut my hair, yeah, she made me look like a rockstar.
Loved the entire day and night, and now I can rest with my own pillow beneath my head!! hooray!


Why am I laying in a hotel bed in Minneapolis???

That's a good question, so here is my grand answer.
Have you ever flown on a plane? I know it's a stupid question but I'm really getting somewhere I pinky swear. If you HAVE flown on a plane, then the following will come as no surprise to you or your fellow plane riders:

A. Flight is delayed due to weather in August. . .
B. Flight is delayed once again once we actually get on the airplane. . .
C. Flight is delayed sooo much that we actually miss our connecting plane to SLC from Minneapolis. . . BY 10 MINUTES PEOPLE!
D. Only available flight to SLC is tomorrow morning. . . and no worries, it has a layover in Phoenix. Meaning, we don't fly in to SLC until noon tomorrow (if everything goes as planned, which if you are one of those plane fliers, you know that NOTHING goes as planned in airports.)
E. Dad books hotel for mother and I that requires us to take a shuttle.
F. Have you ever really stopped to think about the way an airport is built? What genius designed it?? (See "G")
G. In order to receive shuttle transportation, we have to go up the escalator, down 2 escalators, around the right bend, up 5 escalators, down the hall to the far left, up one more escalator, down 4 elevator flights, up a bunch of stairs and ramps, take a tram on the left side, get off of the 2nd stop, turn right thru the spinning tunnel and over the buttercup forest, THEN you will find the actual SIGNS that tell you where to go for the shuttles. (I shall spare you, but you get my point.)
H. Did anyone realize that "G" is freakishly true?
I. The little girl I passed while on my way to the Lou was singing and spinning around, it was the only thing worth living for at the moment.
J. So here I sit, in a quite beautiful hotel room with an overly dramatic and completely un-called for scowl on my face because I was supposed to be home in about an hour and frankly, I am just upset and I have zero faith in airplanes.

Thank you and Goodnight!

P. S. I promise that tomorrow's post will be positive and uplifting. . . maybe


My apologies. . .

It's been a full week since I've written and it's a little bit sad to think about, but I've had a week full of Church History, amazing roller coasters, and relaxation with the parents! I am more than excited to get back to my love: the music, my veganism (my stomach will thank me once again), and a schedule! Gotta love vacation but it's always good to get back home. Now lets get down to business and introduce this weeks artist for New Music Tuesday: And the winner is. . .


I know what you're thinking, another girl?? and her name is Rosie?? I proudly say yes because quite frankly, if your jaw doesn't drop when you hear what this girl's voice can do, then you don't have the ears of a human. And is that picture of her not completely AMAZING?? I am in love with her dress, her hair, her make up and whoever took this photograph of her. I forgot to mention the pearls :)

Click HERE to see her completely adorable music video titled: Kite Song.

Do you not love her??


I know, I know, I missed it!

So today will be, new music Wednesday. And the winner is. . .


You might recognize him from the band Switchfoot, but give this guy an acoustic guitar, and leave him alone, he'll create some ear candy!!

He has 4 EPs out, titled Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring. Isn't that Great? What a stud, what a STUD!


2 posts. . .

in 20 minutes? You bet your bottom dollar!

Just thought that I would share some exciting news to the world of people who actually even ever read my blog. I have been invited to participate in the Orion music festival this coming January. It takes place in Park City the week before Sundance Film Festival. Do you understand what this means? (Because I don't think that I even understand it fully.) I will have the ability to publicize to hundreds of people, music critics, and make money while doing it. I was contacted through the head of the music festival because they saw my Myspace page. ARe YOu KIDdInG me? That dinky little thing? I've contacted them back and they are sending me the contract and all the detailed information. It is so legit and I am so excited about it. I told you that you can do whatever the heck you want!! Just go for it. Go HERE to read a blurb about their reasons behind the music festival. AHHH i want to scream, it's so exciting!!

Love you all!! and goodnight!

PS: I thought I would share this particular part of the Orion blurb. . .
" 7) Final awards ceremony wherein all artists will receive recognition. Artists who were signed to record labels (during the festival) and/or received distribution deals will perform. Also one artist from each genre, chosen by peers within his/her genre, will perform."


Farewell to you. . .

My teenage years have come to a close. . . Happily, I leave them behind. They gave me some incredible memories, that is for sure! By the way, this was by far one of the most fun birthdays I have had in a while. Sure. . . I went to work like a grown up, went speaker shopping, and even bought my own cake, but at the end of the day, when I was surrounded by family and incredible friends while feeding my addiction of ninja destruction, I knew that my life is just where I want it to be :) Happiness indeed! Thank you world for giving me such a great birthday and thank you God for giving me life and the power to choose what I make of it. I have a feeling that I get better with age. . . like a really good cheese. So look out world!! Here I come, full force!


Nora Suzanne Morrow

My new little bundle of love niece is now a week and a half old. I love her to pieces. Somehow, taking a picture with a baby always makes you look better. I shall find the science behind that one.
I strive to have a family as awesome as Chris and Michelle have someday.

Nora's big brother Jack, just loves her. And I can't get enough of Jack's hugs, kisses, and straight up goofiness. This kid has the humor of a grown up.


I'd like to recap

this hilarious boating trip with my "funner than life" co-workers. It was epic.

I swear that I love Katrina too much. She is GORGEOUS and insanely WITTY it's like she's got the best of both worlds going on. (Not in a Miley Cyrus way.)

And this, folks, is Allie. Isn't she hot?? I know, right? What a babe. I heart her!

Here we have Clark . . . probably the funnest person in my office. WTFreak? it didn't spell check funnest? I guess funnest is a word now people. Hallelujah.

And this would be Katrina, Allie, and me getting our groove on. Oh yes it was spectacular. And we did it JUST to get Clark to tube by himself, why? you might ask, because watching Clark tube by himself is a big ole LOL. (sorry I hate LOL but desperate times call for desperate measures.)

As you can see, I am not deprived of fun people while at work. Love you SINET.


New Music Tuesday!!

And the winner is. . . .
Rosi Golan!

If her voice doesn't break your heart, then I don't know what or who will!
She seriously gives me chills ALL THE TIME and is an insane songwriter.

Listen to (or better yet purchase) her album "The Drifter and the Gypsy"
These lyrics from her song "Been a Long Day" really struck my chord. I know exactly what she is talking about.

"It's been a long week
I'm finally feeling like it's okay to break
into a thousand pieces
no one can replace
only I can find my way
It's been long day"

Visit her website and find out more about her incredible talent

I heart Rosi.

Have You Ever. . .

Met this girl??? She's a little piece of heaven and when I say little I mean, a 4'11" piece of heaven. She is 21 today and I just want everyone in the world to know how spectacular she really is!! We met our Freshman year at Utah State and have been good friends ever since. She is hysterical, I mean TRULY hysterical. She can make me cry because I laugh way hard and I have Chronic dry eyes so. . . . you do the math. Anyways. . . these tidbits will just help to prove my point. She is just so incredible and I hope that I can be half as giving as she is someday.

Happy Birthday Katabie (Katie) Taylor! I hope you know that you are WONDERFUL!!!
21 things that I love about Katie:
1. She is a legit friend and will never betray you.
2. Her and her boyfriend Jake, are THEE cutest couple you will ever see in your whole entire life.
3. She is constantly serving people (Mexico, Ecuador, Salt Lake City, Logan, you name it, she's helped!)
4. She once said, and I quote. . . "YOU'RE excited? feel THESE nipples".
5. She and I once played catch while dancing around for a good hour +
6. She's extremely motivating and extremely motivated.
7. She is a lover of music.
8. She had to take the most repulsive class on sex just for completing her undergrad.
9. She covered up sexual pictures found in her book required for said sex class with sticky notes.
10. She wants to choke people ALL THE TIME.
11. She is the funniest person to see mad or pretend mad.
12. Every time we swam, she would try to turn it into a workout.
13. She CAN lick her elbow, I know, I know, we're all not worthy.
14. She is brilliant and ALWAYS gets good grades, this is why she is in school and I am not.
15. She is a hoot to dance with!
16. She can ALWAYS make you feel good, because she is genuine in her many compliments.
17. She has one of the strongest testimonies in the world.
18. She includes everybody and does it more than anyone I know!
19. This picture. . .

20. She has a drive to help people all around the world, and she's making it come true through her career choice.
21. She can now get crunk.