Where do I begin again...

I'm not quite sure where to start.  I'll begin with a warning: MAJOR WEDDING PICTURE OVERLOAD.... I know, it's about time.

I think I am creating a new post but blogger has changed since I last attempted writing a post almost a year ago. . .

I'm married... hooray! and oh so terribly happy.
I'm pregnant... (what?) hooray! and oh so excited to meet this baby.

Ryan and I decided, with divine intervention, to jump right in and start our own family.

We enjoyed a 3 week honeymoon and on week three, I was unbelievably tired, All. The. Time.  Needless to say, my body was working overtime to provide life for a speck of a baby. 


Here we are, living in the basement of the kind-hearted, 4 foot - nothing?, Eunice.  Learning how to have a beautiful marriage in between vomiting and genuine laughter.

I love being pregnant.  My body has been through the storms of it all and now has a lovely hard bump to show all of that hard work it went through.  I'm waiting impatiently to feel a flutter or a kick.  I often spend time in the morning in bed prodding my stomach and feeling the thrill of knowing there is an actual soul in there waiting to breathe.

I know, a honeymoon baby.  We're "crazy" as a lot of people like to tell us.  But we imagined what life would be like with a child right away and knew instantly how perfect it felt.  Ryan will be the best dad.  I've never doubted it and it is one of the reasons why my heart always thumped around him.  I am beaming with joy at the thought of being a mother, though dealing with the feelings of inadequacy that so easily seem to creep into my mind. 

Now, this baby can't come soon enough and on Halloween we will be graced with the news of its' gender!

Stay tuned!

Here are some wedding pictures.  From that time we got married in June. Who doesn't love Anna James Photography??

My Family (isn't he lucky?)

 Ryan's Family (Honestly... who wouldn't want to marry into this family?)

 The "League of Brothers" are always up for good times.

 One of my favorite photos of the day: Sister love

 Sweet teenage Jake giving Ryan heartfelt advice.

 Every single one of my best friends, so adorable.

 I give the win to Emily and Jane on this one.  They really framed our jumps well!

 For some reason, 6 women were terrified of touching within 6 inches of my grooms bum.  This left him terribly unsupported. tsk tsk...

They may be taller, but they never make me feel inferior.  What great new sisters in law. 

 Bride is the only one capable of looking like a doofus... thank you everyone.

 This girl stole my heart at "Doolee?", even though "papa" is clearly ahead in the race for favorite.

I believe Ryan to be the perfect mixture of both parents: physically and characteristically. 


 His most genuine smiles were found via photos of him speaking with loved ones.  I like it.

 This, my friends, is Eunice aka "Eunicyle", "The Last Eunicorn", "Eunibomber" "Landlady Extraordinaire".

 The Andersons

 I don't know how this happened, but I'm tickled that it did!

 Of Course, Cindi caught the bouquet. 

 And the party begins.



 My vision of perfection came to fruition.

I love the admirer in the back.  He's so happy for us.