Holy . . .

Freaking great surprise.

My lovely cousin, Sarie Farie and her beau, Treyski gave me a little heart attack when I saw them sitting on a big sofa in L.A. this Saturday.

So I screamed, threw my things to the floor, proceeded to throw my body to the floor and while on all fours, began to cry.

Don't believe me?? Have a look . . .

Yeah I know.

Apparently, I kinda love these 2 because I was stoked to see them.

I felt like I was in a dream. The ONLY time I ever remember feeling that way is when I had my first surprise birthday party when I was . . . 10? or something? All I can say is that I was all smiles this weekend.

We sailed. We ate thai food. We had a sleepover . We ate korean barbecue. We spent 4 hours on the beach. We walked down third street in Santa Monica. We ate at THE COUNTER, which I believe is an experience that all must have in California. Then parted our merry ways. I love these 2 and could not have been more shocked.

Love love me.

Enjoy the picture recap:

*Water and buildings . . . naturally*

*Trey sailing: GQ, enough said.*

*My little Sarie Farie, acting al capitan quite beautifully*

*Me plus my mega sweet scallywagging skills = two thumbs up plus a gangsta hoodie shot*

*just the three of us lookin all fine while eating Thai*

*Trey and Sara thoroughly enjoying their huge custom burgers.*

*this would be my custom: veggie, in a bowl, tomato, feta, guac, sprouts, roasted red peppers, and sundried tomato vinaigrette, it's a party in my boca.*

*Me eating my boca party while feeling the sunburn from beaching it all day. mmmmhmm*


ren said...

So fun!!! I love surprises like that! My mouth is watering uncontrollably over those burgers! I want The Counter SO bad right now! Yes, it's only 8:20am, but I'd still eat it! :-)
So glad you'e having a fab time!

J. said...

What an adorable, happy Jules!! Love it! :)

lizbiz said...

Jules!! Watching your video may have made my day!! Seriously!! I am so happy you got to have such a wonderful surprise and an amazing weekend. I'm just so happy for you it makes me happy!