yesternight . . .

I decided to put God to the test. Sound wrong? well it does sound kinda wrong but hear you me:
A couple of days ago, I decided that I would like to read the Book of Mormon in a month (exciting because I don't even know if I can recollect how many times I have read it now. I THINK that means I am on the right track.)
I want to finish it by May 1st which means roughly 17 pages a day. I i n v i t e d my roommate Lyndsay to take on the challenge with me and she gladly accepted.
My life has sky rocketed. Literally. and as I read about Nephi and Lehi along with the rebellious Laman who always seems to convince and bring down Lemuel, I realize how applicable it is to my life. HOW AMAZINGLY applicable it is.
I have become my own Nephi and Lehi filled with visions and knowledge beyond belief.
Last night before I said my prayer, I came to the conclusion that this month will be led by belief. I want many many things. I NEED many many things. I will ask for all of it. So as I knelt to pray, I prayed over and over again "through my belief and faith . . . . . " I asked for about 4 or 5 things specifically for this day. I asked God these things with the plea that I have been diligent in following his counsel as well as the counsel of our latter-day prophets and I believe these wants and needs to be noble. He has promised me that if I keep my end of the Covenant, he will do the same.
Guess what?
mighty miracles people! I prayed for the following and received the following:
*I woke up at 5:30 am (I haven't been able to wake up before 8 since I got here)
*I was able to run farther and faster than as of late
*I traveled to work in safety
*My work passed their $ goal for the month of March (which has only happened one other time in the past year.) EVEN after I made a mistake with calculating and feeling a little bit hopeless at one point. I forget so easily that God can make anything happen and he proved it.

Studying 17 pages daily takes about an hour and half. I can't tell you anything more worth it.
Along with knowledge comes great responsibility so now I shout from my blog rooftop.
God exists, Christ died for us, The Book of Mormon IS the most real and true book on this earth which goes hand in hand with the Bible. Prophets give us that counsel for a reason (even R-rated movies, modesty, and double piercings). If you follow the commandments of God and ASK, I promise and bear witness that you WILL receive.
For those of you who HAVE read The Book of Mormon, do it again and remember the effect it has on your life.
For those who have NOT read this book, I challenge you. Let me know, and I will get you a free copy, and I will share my 50 cents about it :). I don't care what you believe, who you believe in, if you have lost all hope, or you are the happiest person on the planet. This book will change your world forever. I promise. My word is good.
Sorry for the recent preachy, religious posts. I just can't explain how alive Christ is in me and frankly, it's been my main focus, consuming my life lately. In the best possible way!
I love you all. More than you will ever know.

and don't get . . .

Your panties in a bundle. I am not going anywhere :) hahaha

I love California and it loves me back. Not once did it cross my mind to move back to Utah.

But . . . I did turn down a full-time job promotion with great benefits from the dental office so that I am able to move near LA without being in a 2 year contract.

I had you worried didn't I? haha hahaha muahahaha. I am stayin. Right. Here.


A wonderful . . .

roommate and beautiful angel of mine reminded me today that:

1. I have a dream.

2. I am here for a reason, regardless of what it is, I still have my dream to pursue.

3. My talent far surpasses my endless criticisms.

4. I can make my dream come true once i put in the eff----ort.

Isn't she lovely?

I'd say so. . .

needless to say, I've been doubting myself more than I realized. Good thing I have people on my side :)


Recall that moment . . .

when that beautiful little cousin of mine and her man surprised me last week? Well . . . that man (Trey) sort of kind of asked me while we were on the beach "so Jules . . . am I cool enough to marry her?" I looked over at sleeping beauty catching some rays and said "yeah, I think so" while calmly freaking out inside about how my little cousin who soon became one of my very best friends and roommates in college is now grown up, ready to be married and off to live in Hawaii
(prolly for the rest of forever).

Marriage is beautiful. Love is unstoppable. I can't express the joy I feel for these two who I knew (no matter how many times they may have doubted) would end up together.

Not only are they going to be together in this life but they will be together for time and all eternity thanks to the Gospel that preaches the importance of being sealed (married) in the Temple.

I wish I could live my life without having to hear "until death do us part." for the marriages that surround me in the world . . . because I have more knowledge that tells me if I am worthy and righteous, "for time and all eternity" is the future for my husband and I.

I love you two. Look how happy they are! IT'S RIDICULOUS! AND THAT RING IS MASSIVE.

Oh man, i've got loads of good planning to do!


Epic . . .

Moments like these just don't come around everyday.

Watched this video twice again today. It's freaking insane what this song does to my soul. It makes me feel something that nothing else in this world can.

I wish I could describe what music does to me but words are insufficient, I will show you all in heaven someday when my imperfect body won't hold me back from expressing wildly.

BE patient please and watch the full 10 minutes. (best if done loudly with earphones) Your mind will be blown away.

I smile so big it's nuts and then I get chills and cry.

I present with great honor: John Butler Trio "Ocean"

*It's like an amazing chick flick with the most perfect kiss in the end. Some moments are more exciting than others but you realize that the end kiss wouldn't be as incredible without the whole story behind it. So don't cheat but the last few minutes of the song are definitely the most gnarly.*

Good gravy he rocks my world.


Holy . . .

Freaking great surprise.

My lovely cousin, Sarie Farie and her beau, Treyski gave me a little heart attack when I saw them sitting on a big sofa in L.A. this Saturday.

So I screamed, threw my things to the floor, proceeded to throw my body to the floor and while on all fours, began to cry.

Don't believe me?? Have a look . . .

Yeah I know.

Apparently, I kinda love these 2 because I was stoked to see them.

I felt like I was in a dream. The ONLY time I ever remember feeling that way is when I had my first surprise birthday party when I was . . . 10? or something? All I can say is that I was all smiles this weekend.

We sailed. We ate thai food. We had a sleepover . We ate korean barbecue. We spent 4 hours on the beach. We walked down third street in Santa Monica. We ate at THE COUNTER, which I believe is an experience that all must have in California. Then parted our merry ways. I love these 2 and could not have been more shocked.

Love love me.

Enjoy the picture recap:

*Water and buildings . . . naturally*

*Trey sailing: GQ, enough said.*

*My little Sarie Farie, acting al capitan quite beautifully*

*Me plus my mega sweet scallywagging skills = two thumbs up plus a gangsta hoodie shot*

*just the three of us lookin all fine while eating Thai*

*Trey and Sara thoroughly enjoying their huge custom burgers.*

*this would be my custom: veggie, in a bowl, tomato, feta, guac, sprouts, roasted red peppers, and sundried tomato vinaigrette, it's a party in my boca.*

*Me eating my boca party while feeling the sunburn from beaching it all day. mmmmhmm*


Jaw dropping. . .

posts I have been reading from you lovely people.

Right now, I am leaning FULLY on YOUR inspiration. That's right. All of it. Maybe because I'm feeling not. so. inspirational? I lack luster in the inspiring world department.

Blessed am I to have incredible souls to look up to. Seriously. Unreal. You are all magnificent and all play a huge part in my life.

This blog post is dedicated to YOU. I don't care who YOU are because YOU have inspired me in some way this week.

What did my meditative state tell me today? That I am feeling humble and a bit inferior (like a child) eager to learn and grow because I have realized as of late how truly imperfect I am.
I love you. With all of my h * u * g * e embodied heart.


whoopsa daisies . . .

to be quoted exactly like Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill"

So I made a mistake. . . surprise! i'm a hewmee. but now i must hang my head in shame and admit it for the world to hear. I MADE A MISTAKE. "Jaque I said no cleaning!" "I am ashamed."

But . . . I'm a lover and a forgiver so i choose to forgive myself and go on loving.

I choose to go back to being a kind person. It's the only reason I made friends in Jr. High and highescuela. . . so I forgot how wonderful it has made my life.

I've been critical of others lately and rather harsh. sometimes (lots of times) they deserve it but it is not my place to hang it on a blog banner for the world to read. . . and apparently more people read it than I realized. that's where "whoopsie daisies" comes in.

On the other hand it's kinda a little bit funny. I got caught and it makes me chuckle a wee bit.

I heart my situation at this moment. If I could stay like this for 10 years I'd be a happy camper.

Then again . . . I am pretty much just happy to be living. Regardless of where I am, who I am with, and what I am doing, I am content. That feeling will live with me forever. Bless the One above who gave me the ability to be happy AND to love.

Love love happy me. . .

*don't even try finding this beautiful Maria Mena song on iTunes, it's NOT THERE. gahh.*


Dear . . .

Blogging world~

I apologize profusely for the following:

- abusing your power by tearing others down (no more posts lashing out at others I promise).

- neglecting you for the past week.

- not giving you an update of my incredibly beautiful life lately.

A few things I would like to share out of pure joy:

- Today, a mesmerizing pilot came into work and his piercing blue eyes made me blush as I asked him about his dental history. P.S. I think he liked it because it made him smile goofily . . .

- My roommates ARE incredible. They ARE angelic. This move was the BEST thing that has happened to me.

- I have stayed up talking and laughing until at least 1am every morning since moving. Bliss . . .

- I got a sweet promotion and ADORE my job. seriously. I look forward to working on a daily basis.

- Meditation is a new must

- I haven't spent money on food this entire week thanks to my job that has provided me with a lunch large enough to keep me content throughout the day.

- My bed is too cute. So little in it's corner. A single mattress with no frame. It's a humble bed with a dang sweet decorative pillow!

- I thought I liked HIM, but now I think I am intrigued by HIM . . . i still love love as much as ever!

And for the FINALE:
- I'm going to perform in Santa Monica tomorrow and it's going to be a gorgeous sunny day! wheeeeee . . .

*I have no internet, which is why this post will be the only one until Tuesday. PLUS, I can't wait to catch up on all of your beautiful little blogs for the past week and a half. Loves!!