Epic . . .

Moments like these just don't come around everyday.

Watched this video twice again today. It's freaking insane what this song does to my soul. It makes me feel something that nothing else in this world can.

I wish I could describe what music does to me but words are insufficient, I will show you all in heaven someday when my imperfect body won't hold me back from expressing wildly.

BE patient please and watch the full 10 minutes. (best if done loudly with earphones) Your mind will be blown away.

I smile so big it's nuts and then I get chills and cry.

I present with great honor: John Butler Trio "Ocean"

*It's like an amazing chick flick with the most perfect kiss in the end. Some moments are more exciting than others but you realize that the end kiss wouldn't be as incredible without the whole story behind it. So don't cheat but the last few minutes of the song are definitely the most gnarly.*

Good gravy he rocks my world.

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