Dreaming of a girl...

So the doc thinks it's a girl... he said he is "90% sure", which means that everyone was right.  I think maybe one person I know thought our she would be a he.  I for one am tickled to be having a girl!  I love being a girl! I love inspiring girls.  I love doing hair and painting nails!  I love knowing that I'm a daughter of Heavenly parents.  Girls are just automatically born into beauty and grace.  They have a way of carrying so much light and goodness if/when they tap into their unique potential.

I imagine many tears of joy while raising a girl 

Memorizing the curve of her smile.  And frown.

Watching her see herself for who she really is.  A beautiful being with infinite worth and substantial abilities.

Catching glimpses of her kindness towards people in a world that thirsts for kindness.

Learning what her likes are and who she falls in love with.

Making sure that I don't get too close - stifling her innate desire to fly.

Providing opportunities to live and love and grow and feel even if that means heartache and disappointment and frequent failure.

I will, with great honor, love raising this baby, child, teenager, adult and in turn be ultimately better (and raised myself) because of her.

I want her to know:
*that she was desired so fully
*that the announcement of her existence was accepted gleefully
*that her dad is very impatient, waiting for her to be in his arms
*that despite all of our imperfections, she will be loved
*that she will have no nursery, sleeping in between the kitchen table and guitar
*that she is coming into a pre-med family with little money but a home with love so big we had to bring someone in to share the joy

She squirms around like a fish in my belly and I just can't wait to meet her.