Reappearance . . .

into the blog world.

Hey, I'm here.  I'm alive.  In fact, I'm more alive than I ever have been.

We look like siblings, and we will be the first to admit it.

Look everyone! I'm marrying Cory Matthews. Success.

 I'm fiercely in love and engaged to be married in June.  The current and constant insanity of life has taken over.  I like it.  So much so, that I think being engaged and planning my wedding is, dare I say, fun!  I have all of these memories of people griping about engagements, plans, and wishing they could just be married already.
Eating Indian food with the parentals
I'm no fool.  There are moments when I would like to run off with the man and never look back because it seems easier and romantic. . . but I only get one wedding day, and I want to milk it for all it's worth!

Ryan likes to sleep in pictures.  We take engagements tomorrow, this should be fun!
Before you begin imagining Jules as the next big bRideziLla, allow me to add a disclaimer.  I have a very grounded style and it would be awesome if my vision came to life, but not once have I complained and not once have I been worried.  If the reception decided to explode into a crater of nothingness, I wouldn't wince (well maybe wince).  I'm elated to plan and design (like barbies as you got older.  All of the fun was in the setting up).  I'm blessed with so many wonderful people in my life who I can't wait to see on that day.  Most importantly, I know that the actual "I do" part will go through and that is the moment that my spirit has yearned for since who knows when
Eating Korean food with the Hunter parents. We are so exotic, we know.

I have the privilege of getting married to my best friend and the most loving guy that I know.  

He won't let me think for a millisecond that I am unloved or unappreciated and he adores me in a way I never imagined possible.  It is utter brilliance.

oh look, hope for normal pictures of us after all.

I will be back with the story that won us a free bridal/groomal photography session.  Rad, right??

love, peace, and hope