a long time . . .


lots of thoughts, so today i'm going to need to pick and choose.  Novels are for special occasions

Being on T.V. is an art that may possibly take me an eternity to learn after watching the night show rerun.  Luckily, the morning show lady was jealous enough, that I'll be on again in a couple of weeks. practice makes perfect, right?

I love my new song.  It's like my baby right now.  My pride and joy.

My biggest client (aka, who I make the most off of cd sales) bought her 22nd CD yesterday.  And I'm not even related to her.  How RAD is that?  She gets the golden star for promoting my cds via gifts to everyone.

A couple of nights ago, i couldn't sleep.  I threw on my hoodie at 2:30 a.m. and danced in my driveway while little flurries fell down.  therapeutic to say the least.  i miss my mountain in california, I was so spoiled!!  Yesterday, I shot hoops in my driveway.  that's the most exercise i've had in a while. . .

I had an epiphany:  releasing my CD triggered emotions that led me to a point where I was competing in EVERY aspect of my life, right down to whether or not I was the girl with the longest hair in the room.  what the??? who does that??  Helped me to realize, after a long sob session, that I am NOT willing to do what it takes to get to the top in the music industry.  Happiness does not come through feeling greater than other people by comparison, but through bettering ourselves individually.

I love teaching piano. Love love love LOVE lobe love it.  I could do it forever.

I listened to a girl discuss her adventures in Tahiti and New Zealand yesterday.  Travel bug hit me hard.  someone please, just get me outta here.

and last but not least, after my "competitive" awakening.  I cut about an inch off of my polygamy hair (myself), and it felt great!


The music. . .

happenings of my life in a quick blurb.
february 16th
tv spot on Park City t.v. where I get to play a ditty and promote full band show. watch. listen. mmmbuddy.
february 18th
full band show. velour. provo. ut. be there, be square yada yada, it's going to be a ball. other amazing female leads present.
coming soon to an internet connection near you
my own website. bless you trey, bless you.
all the fans 
you're the glue holding my vulnerable musician's frame together. this isn't possible without you and your support, feedback, money hehe, etc.

 just in case you want to come support me in a big moment aka, the full band show!

** kgotlotstodoloveyoubye **