whoopsa daisies . . .

to be quoted exactly like Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill"

So I made a mistake. . . surprise! i'm a hewmee. but now i must hang my head in shame and admit it for the world to hear. I MADE A MISTAKE. "Jaque I said no cleaning!" "I am ashamed."

But . . . I'm a lover and a forgiver so i choose to forgive myself and go on loving.

I choose to go back to being a kind person. It's the only reason I made friends in Jr. High and highescuela. . . so I forgot how wonderful it has made my life.

I've been critical of others lately and rather harsh. sometimes (lots of times) they deserve it but it is not my place to hang it on a blog banner for the world to read. . . and apparently more people read it than I realized. that's where "whoopsie daisies" comes in.

On the other hand it's kinda a little bit funny. I got caught and it makes me chuckle a wee bit.

I heart my situation at this moment. If I could stay like this for 10 years I'd be a happy camper.

Then again . . . I am pretty much just happy to be living. Regardless of where I am, who I am with, and what I am doing, I am content. That feeling will live with me forever. Bless the One above who gave me the ability to be happy AND to love.

Love love happy me. . .

*don't even try finding this beautiful Maria Mena song on iTunes, it's NOT THERE. gahh.*

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Andrea said...

I have to say, it's nice to have the kind and forgiving Julie back. I am now inspired to be more kind and forgiving as well!

Love You!