The Good, The Bad, and The REALLY UGLY!!

The Good:

-My sister and nephew in town from Wisconsin (Aren't they wonderful??)

-SYTYCD (couldn't love Tabatha and Napoleon any more than is current)

-3 New songs in the writing process

-2 Words. . . . Job. Security.

-Knowing that homework and writing lengthy papers are not part of my near future.

-Love is in thee air and even though I'm not breathing it, it's so beautiful!

-The Monsoons right outside my door... AHH it's GLORIOUS!

The Bad:

-Less and less time for friends

-NCIS marathons. . . They suck me in every time!

-Heavy workload


-Jealousy. . . I'm convinced it can ruin ANY relationship.

-Broken hearts.  They are necessary but horrid.

-Judgements.  They are used solely for the purpose of feeding the pride of the judger.

-Tragedy.  I know I will never fully understand God's plan in this life.



CHECK    THIS    OUT.  I sincerely hope that someday someone will do this to me.

(some offensive language)

Also check THIS out.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

You tube is my lover.