Home sweet home

We are here and well and I'm thrilled to have an automatic dishwasher and feel spoiled with 3 bedrooms so that the girls can sleep well day or night . . .

Almost all boxes are unpacked just waiting on a couple of furniture pieces to tie loose ends!  It has been a whirl wind week and a half and I'm glad mostly that I found a good deal on a piano and that the creaks in our floors can only come from us . . . those are creaks that I can control during nap time.

Our ward is going to be a blast and we also experienced the great "white coat ceremony" on Sunday.  They told each student as they walked across the stage to say one word that sums up how they got to this point in their life.  The first student said "family" and I thought . . . "well there goes everyone's answer".  There were some fun answers in there such as "coffee" and "luck" but what does Ryan decide to use as his one word? "Paperwork" . . .  I should have guessed.  It gave me a good laugh as he continued across the stage to pick up his stethoscope.  It was almost like a graduation ceremony for going through the process of applying to schools and being accepted.  Which is a full time job and takes a full years worth of paychecks, so it's well deserved.

Ryan is busy learning already; dissecting cadavers and knee deep in anatomy lectures (it'll reach his neck, he's only been at it for 2 days) and studying as we speak.  I have a feeling that we will both love this journey.  I enjoy learning second - hand medicine through his daily reports.

I took Charlotte and Annie to target yesterday.  It was our first outing just the 3 of us.  I looked ridiculous, but it went okay.  But I don't want to do it again... so maybe it was worse than I remember. 

Speaking of those two, they become better friends with every passing day.  It never gets old for Charlotte when she sees Annie first thing every morning, it's like she hasn't seen her for ages.  She grins a big grin and says "Oh, hug" as she clasps her hands around Annie's neck too tightly and gives her kisses.  Annie has a smile on her face the whole time.  She admires Charlotte and her craziness already! 

As I was busy wood working in the kitchen (or just child proofing our cabinets) Charlotte kept putting a pan on Annie's lap and sticking "hats" on her head made from bibs.  They were smiling and laughing and I was experiencing heaven...

So here are some pictures... I will get house pictures once it's finished up! All in all, I am just so happy to have our own space again where Barney and Daniel Tiger shows aren't a necessity to keep my busy 16 month old from destroying others sanity or property, and where I feel like it is us as a family again. Okay lost train of thought too tired.
Gotta go to bed...

P.S this little butterball is literally made of sunbeam, I swear it... and the blue eyes? We don't get it either!