All I have to say . . .

Is that I'm terribly happy.

People have been asking for updates.  I have strayed a bit from my initial blogger personality.  You will hear from me every once in a while in far less detail.  It is just who I am right now.  If you want to know about my life, I will happily spend time with you.  Journeying through the hearts of people via conversation and interaction is my ultimate hobby.

Someone asked me what was going on last week because I was "glowing".  Then it happened again yesterday.

Could any physical compliment be more lovely? I think not.  
Let's make our insides so happy and content that we visually glow.

No amount of make up, trendy clothing, or dieting can promise you such a magical exterior.

Let us comment on people's insides more so that when we do make a physical compliment, it will be a simple result of the person behind the skin.

I promise, nothing could make you feel more beautiful.


Thee most hilarious . . .

10 minutes of your life, coming right up!

After I had my wisdom teeth butchered out of my head, I cried. and cried. and cried.  I couldn't stop crying.  My Mom, the assistants, everyone was worried.  I just remember saying over and over again. "I'm fine! I'm FINE, I just can't stop crying." and "Why am I crying? I'm not sad!"  It was a confusing moment.  May we all take advantage of such rare times and capture films of absurdity.