yesternight . . .

I decided to put God to the test. Sound wrong? well it does sound kinda wrong but hear you me:
A couple of days ago, I decided that I would like to read the Book of Mormon in a month (exciting because I don't even know if I can recollect how many times I have read it now. I THINK that means I am on the right track.)
I want to finish it by May 1st which means roughly 17 pages a day. I i n v i t e d my roommate Lyndsay to take on the challenge with me and she gladly accepted.
My life has sky rocketed. Literally. and as I read about Nephi and Lehi along with the rebellious Laman who always seems to convince and bring down Lemuel, I realize how applicable it is to my life. HOW AMAZINGLY applicable it is.
I have become my own Nephi and Lehi filled with visions and knowledge beyond belief.
Last night before I said my prayer, I came to the conclusion that this month will be led by belief. I want many many things. I NEED many many things. I will ask for all of it. So as I knelt to pray, I prayed over and over again "through my belief and faith . . . . . " I asked for about 4 or 5 things specifically for this day. I asked God these things with the plea that I have been diligent in following his counsel as well as the counsel of our latter-day prophets and I believe these wants and needs to be noble. He has promised me that if I keep my end of the Covenant, he will do the same.
Guess what?
mighty miracles people! I prayed for the following and received the following:
*I woke up at 5:30 am (I haven't been able to wake up before 8 since I got here)
*I was able to run farther and faster than as of late
*I traveled to work in safety
*My work passed their $ goal for the month of March (which has only happened one other time in the past year.) EVEN after I made a mistake with calculating and feeling a little bit hopeless at one point. I forget so easily that God can make anything happen and he proved it.

Studying 17 pages daily takes about an hour and half. I can't tell you anything more worth it.
Along with knowledge comes great responsibility so now I shout from my blog rooftop.
God exists, Christ died for us, The Book of Mormon IS the most real and true book on this earth which goes hand in hand with the Bible. Prophets give us that counsel for a reason (even R-rated movies, modesty, and double piercings). If you follow the commandments of God and ASK, I promise and bear witness that you WILL receive.
For those of you who HAVE read The Book of Mormon, do it again and remember the effect it has on your life.
For those who have NOT read this book, I challenge you. Let me know, and I will get you a free copy, and I will share my 50 cents about it :). I don't care what you believe, who you believe in, if you have lost all hope, or you are the happiest person on the planet. This book will change your world forever. I promise. My word is good.
Sorry for the recent preachy, religious posts. I just can't explain how alive Christ is in me and frankly, it's been my main focus, consuming my life lately. In the best possible way!
I love you all. More than you will ever know.


Sara said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful testimony. I love your preachy gospel posts more than anything, they remind me to keep focusing on what is important.

J. said...

I just adore you, pretty girl. Never apologize for posting about your faith! It's a huge part of YOU, and I think it's extremely admirable.
Hugs and Kisses, my dear!!

Katie Taylor said...

I needed this. You're the best!

Esther Cahoon & Co. said...

Beautiful Testimony, Jules!!!! I've been re-reading the Book of Mormon again this year and have treasured many fantastic moments that have made this personal journey very worthwhile! God lives in all of us and your presence in this mortal experience makes mine all the brighter! Love you, my dear Julie!! :)