It once seemed wretched . . .

the thought of giving "home recording" a GO! again.

But . . .

*way sweet pic playing at Muse Music, taken by Nate Edwards*

The end is in sight friends. 
And I am actually enjoying recording and mixing. 

With that said . . . I can now promise you a full length album by mid-July.  It may be home recordings but it will actually be done!

Previews will be given to no one in the hopes that you won't get sick of it after the 3rd time of listening! SOOO . . . here are my favorite (or one of my favorite) lines from each song that is on the album.  Consider this a preview!

1. "He hops straight out of bed just to clear his head and she smiles with pride cause he is hers to keep."

2. "Just took a peek and ran, thumped a beat through sand, cried the same happy tears and watch them in my laugh they land."

3.  "I will stand to make a mess, get you to think and second guess.  Would you stand to throw it back and preach me everything I lack?"

4. "Sit right down firm clasp to my hand, take out a paper and pen, write your name over and over again."

5. "The moment I caught his eye, well he didn't catch mine back cause he was posed and in a frame but I really don't care, I love his first name."

6. "Like that evil Scar you won't get too far before I reign in my rightful throne cause I'm heir you see to inside of me and I'll tell you I keep finding gold."

7. "Paint as if you'd inspire, breathe as if it's fuel for a fire."

8. "See that dull born lady? There's no one else like her, lets put our breath together, exhale, and make her fly."

9. "Tie us up with ribbons yellow, gold and make a vow we'll last beyond the old cause just for now it just won't do, I feel the need to spend my endless life with you."

10. "They don't think I hear the accusations and laughter of the people and how they appear, how do I live my life surrounded by this kind."

11. "Valentine, I am desperate you see because my hands still touch the ground.  I need your dancing feet here with me, to help keep me spinning around."

12. "Not a touch has been the same.  There's fear that follows every bass who plays her name."


P.S. The Weepies came out with a new single this month: AWESOME
P.P.S. Andrew Belle is my latest and greatest in music listenings: ALSO AWESOME


Just realized . . .

That these 2 scriptures sum up exactly how I am feeling.  Man alive, I love this Gospel.


My understanding . . .


Then I begin to gain more understanding at a faster rate. 

The more i understand, the more I realize I HAVE to understand.

How am I completely happy and okay?  How am I filled with so much love and patience?  How can I be so sure and relaxed?  How can I know without a doubt?

simply, because God gave what he knew I could handle.  Every time I prove myself, he gives me more.  Right now, I don't quite know what to do with all of the information that has been shoved into my soul; but it feels right. 

I can't stop thinking about my children.  Yes, the ones that are not born yet.  But not in the "baby hungry, get me married" kind of way like it used to be.

Every step I take, every decision I make is for  My Heavenly Father, myself, and my children.  My new attitude towards marriage has been enlightening and peaceful.  I can promise you that currently everything I do and say is for the only people that it really matters for. 

I love my Prophet.  I love every bit of counsel given by every single Prophet.  It will now be the easiest decision to make:  Follow the counsel of the Prophets.  I will do this as long as I live.  Because I know and have seen the powers of darkness literally disperse from my life.

I am over television.
I am over movies. (except disney and "A Walk to Remember")
I am over degrading music.
I am over degrading dancing.
I am over silly relationships.
I am over useless books.
I am over fad diets, unhealthy food, and laziness.
I am over gossip.
I am over lies and deceits.
I am over fame and riches.

"If my heart has one ambition, if my soul one goal to seek.  This my solitary vision: That I only dwell in thee."
- Brooke Fraser "Hymn"

I think it is safe to say that I have gained my peripheral vision (in the eternal sense) over the past 6 months.  Join me please.  It is a pleasure seeing clearly. Also, I love you all and have most all of you to thank for helping me get to this point in my life. 


The time has . . .


to do thee experiment.

i have a negative hypothesis.  no good.  i need more faith.

it's the freak freakiest experiment.

it involves a lot of work.

it involves a lot of trust in myself, God, and others.

it involves a large   s   p   a   n   of time.

it will more than likely involve a lot of tears and a lot of joy.

and it begins today.

it deserves a post detailing, but this will not happen until said experiment is complete.

I pray that whomever you are, you won't let me down . . .

Love, me

This beautiful little . . .

*That would be the view of my neighborhood, no big*

Lady, woke me up this morning.  She came pouring through my bathroom window SMACK in my face.  And I laid there, eyes closed, and grinned a giddy grin.  She breathed life into me.

She told me today was going to be perfection.  She loved me just as much as I love her.

Priscilla Ahn's "Good Day" also filled my senses in that moment.  ahhhh the power of music plus the power of sun. 

"I can tell it's gonna be a good day"


"cause without you . . .

Things go hazy"

So I have created a cover. at 7:00 am . . . take it as it is. forgive the hair :)


"What do . . .

most Nobel Laureates, innovative entrepreneurs, artists and performers, well-adjusted children, happy couples and families, and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common? They play enthusiastically throughout their lives."
~ Stuart Brown, Institute of Play
Now I realize that I most likely need to buckle down more often than continue to play enthusiastically everyday for the rest of my life, but I would like to share an insight as to one of the few reasons I am an elated personage.  
I play as if my age were non-existent.  I believe it exudes a freedom when it comes to creating which is why I love performance and the reason song-writing comes easily.  I believe it boosts our immune systems to ward off almost all disease and illness which is why I can show affection in an office full of the infected yet remain untouched.  I believe it fills a hole of loneliness, which is why I am able to love my family from a distance while remaining calm and complete.  
Responsibility is inevitable.  I believe in strong commitment.  I wake up on time to get to work promptly every day that I have promised to be there.  I miss vacations and fun due to my commitments.  Weird right??  Especially because I am half yellow.  BUT, I believe it is much easier to fulfill responsibilities when my "play time" is used wisely.  
Forget your age and set a time to play.  Do something you would normally find obscure and childish.  
i.e. I have been trying to convince different people for weeks to finger paint in chocolate with me, I have now given up and will be participating in said activity by myself today.  (after I clean and record of course) 
Ready, Set, PLAY 


My angelic . . .

Sister pointed me towards THIS beautiful blog this morning. 

I highly encourage you to join me in entering THIS challenge as well as taking the advice she so freely shares.

It's been a while since I've actually given a stamp of approval on someones view of health . . . but this amazing lady sure deserves it!

Health on people, health on!


I am obsessed . . .

With the fact that life is full of grown-up responsibilities and activities . . .

Because I am pretty p+o+s+i+t+i+v+e that I have found (through a lot of hard work and creativity) a child-like (not to be confused with childish) solution to accomplishing all of them.  

What's that?  You would like 2 examples?? great! here they are:

-grown up solution: rest, watch television
-Jules solution: lay sprawled, on your stomach, on the back of a couch humming tunes, sometimes even falling asleep to the sound of your own voice.

-grown up solution: treadmill, speed walking (teehehehe speedwalking), elliptical
-Jules solution: photoshoot jogging, "harry potter" jogging, conductor jogging, long-boarding, rock climbing, street dancing, dancing on the top of a mountain, tandem biking.

Catch my drift??
I know I know. . . . I'm just being a bum, trying to make you all jealous of my life.  Although thanks to the help of mostly Lyndsay, I realized if you wanted to live your lives this way, you would.  But I THINK ya'll are crazy sauce 


"Playing . . .

The chords in me, nobody knew how to play."

epic poetry Brooke.

Job well done.


Allow me to . . .


THIS is Nathan.

Don't be mistaken by the ugly picture, HE models.

HE is my best friend in California.

HE has even made it to the tier of best friends ever.

HIS birthday was 3 days ago. I am pretty glad that he was birthed.

HE cracks me up the entire time I am with him.

HE helps me to make changes in my life.

HE understands me and my soul.

HE goes around the round about over and over and over again.

HE has a cartoon laugh.  Can't describe it, you just have to hear it.  It makes everything more hilarious.

HE finds beauty in just about everything.

HE drives fast but I trust him with my life.

HE has fabulous taste in music.

HE loves guns and shooting them when appropriate.

HE and I speak in British accents.

HE not only holds the Priesthood but is extremely worthy of it.

I love HIS friggin guts!

And HE is on his way over so we can fly his new kite on my water tower.

heppy berthdaye :)


Just a quick . . .

Thought. Question. thingy. meebler (smirky smile to the dietz/mackay clan).

Does every culture with a different language than ours also feel the need to say "goodbye" 5 different ways before the actual action of "goodbye" takes place??

You know what I'm talking about:

"it was SO great talking to you today!"
"I agree, we'll do it again"
"K cool, well I will talk to you later"
"yeah sounds good, I will see you soon."
"yeah peace out!"
"right, perfect, love you"
"love you too"
"k bye"

you KNOW you have those conversations. Don't. even. begin. to deny it.