final . . .


the details of the concert this Friday, December 3rd at 7:00

My CD is a debutante, preparing to be presented to society on Friday.

2496 East 6200 South SLC, UT
This is kind of a big. deal.  I've accomplished a life long (minus the first 18 years of my life) dream.  So, I guess what I'm saying is . . . if you wanna come support a leetle local musician, then head on over.  I would love to see your faces.  I will have sharpies on hand to sign those dazzling CDs just for YOU.  Let's see if we can strike a bonanza!

Thank you and much love.


Euphoria . . .

and Diet Coke

I wrote this song and it sounds extremely chipper and chill.  But I'm going to take the opportunity and explain the message I am trying to get across through it.

"Euphoria and diet coke, never will they mix cause the latter kills the former when we drink from fear of losing bliss."

 *some people can't sleep in their houses because their loved ones are sooo addicted to STUFF*

I have been watching television this weekend (don't get your undies in a bundle, I've been sick with a nasty cold, I still HATE tv) and of course all I watched was Criminal Minds because I can't get enough of trying to solve why people act the way they do.  Anyways . . . commercials for the show "Hoarders" came on about 50 bajillion times and I thought, holy smokes, Satan will use anything he can to stir us up and get us to hand over our control, our agency to a THING, a MINDSET, a HOBBY.

Whether you are a:

Diet Coke addict
Chocolate addict
Obsessive Exerciser
Sex addict
Drug addict
Video Game addict
Food addict
BLOG addict
Chick Flick addict
Internet addict
Book addict
Money addict

. . .  you get the idea, the list will continue forever

All of these things keep us from feeling.  They keep us from having healthy, normal relationships.  It's odd though, because all of these things are used because we THINK they will just take away the emotion that causes us pain, but in reality, they just continue to numb our senses so we end up feeling nothing (including happiness).

I've never had to deal with Diet Coke as an addiction, I actually dislike soda, but it came to me quickly because I live in Mormon town where none of us drink alcohol, but I've seen so many people who are addicted to Diet Coke, they can't function and breathe without it.

a little over 2 months ago, I remember saying to myself "I need chocolate, I don't have any, I NEED IT. I have to go get some"  I stopped ranting, sat down and realized, I don't NEED chocolate, but I've become dependent on it (typical right?? a girl who loves chocolate).  So I decided it was time to break the habit.  I've been clean since that day, and plan on staying Dove and Hershey free until my Marathon in April (6 months).  Then I can SLOWLY bring chocolate back into my life in healthy amounts.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but I feel like some of my agency is back into my life.  My thoughts don't revolve around peanut butter cups and double chocolate milk from Starbucks.  I've created more room in my life to feel.

We are creepin on that time of year when everyone will begin setting goals again.  My wish for all of you is that you will add to that list something that has taken away your agency.   Learn how to control and master yourself (even in a small way), and start to FEEL something.


good . . .

friends and connections. 

They're rare. very rare.

moving home has been much easier than anticipated (sort of like this crazy storm everyone has been gearing up for) but it still holds an emptiness that I knew would be there from the beginning.

that lonely feeling.

as if no one understands what is going on inside of you and as if no one can see the perspective that you see.

But then I remembered Allie. plus a few other angels that i will get to in the future.

I feel connected to her. she helps me feel alive and beautiful without even trying (or maybe she does try but hides it well)  

I have seen her only a couple of times since moving home but every time i do, it's a breath of fresh air, like a window that's been freed open after a year of being painted shut.  Her confidence is inspiring, her perseverance illuminating,  and her composure classy.  

Allie is one of those girls whose outward beauty is magnificent, the boys throw themselves at her feet.  But she is soooo much more.  She holds so much hidden beauty that would take years to uncover and see.  This is why I look up to her so much.  She is who she is.  She enjoys fashion and beauty, even Lauren Conrad's book and she don't care who know it!! But she is intelligent and delves into the deep waters, she is independent and strong, but knows that "Love is all you need"

Thank you.  Thank you for being yourself, it inspires me to be me (painted fingernails, long shiny hair, pretty dresses, healthy food, and running) because i've been so utterly concerned that if people see beauty on the outside, they won't have to (or want to) look and find what lies beneath the surface.  

And YOU have proved me wrong.  

I'm just a feminine 21 year old girly girl who thinks her hair is a canvas for creating a new masterpiece every day.  I'm just a self published musician who pays all tributes to God.  I'm just a frail Latter Day Saint who needs and loves frequent Draper Temple attendance followed by singing hymns a'cappella in my car while parked near a look out.  I'm just Jules, Julie, J, Jewel and there may be many of you with my same title or nicknames, but none with my same heart.  and That is Christy's Secret.


It's Here . . .

Stay tuned for Details . . . thank you. much love!


i want . . .

*there she is, in all her beauty, the cover of thee album, get it? soot? black?? sooty? also, if you don't like it, that's just too darn bad. i feel like i carried that baby for 9 long months before birthing it, i know weird analogy, i'm going to be quiet now*

to cry.

now why do i want to cry?  because it has been ever so stressful doing this album art design by myself and taking matters into my own hands when i am no graphic designer.  but it had to be done by a deadline. and i actually LOVE it.  that's one of the only benefit of doing this "pulling my hair out" project by myself.

but i want to crawl in a corner now and waste away because i can't remember the last time stress hit me so hard.  yup, being a rockstar ain't always that pretty

blessed am i, for a friend who flew in with a red cape and saved my day, you heard me mr. ingebretsen, you saved me.

*does anyone else feel that this movie is extremely underrated??*

right now, i feel like the brave little toaster, yes, i give myself THAT much credit for:
*opening up my heart to a boy
*putting myself out there even with the fear of rejection with ANOTHER boy in the same night
*designing my own cd album art in a few short days
*performing a song on the same day that i wrote it 

one week and all those events. mhmm . . . fears can eeeat myyy dust.

NOW, this week will be the craziest week since moving home.  when i say crazy i mean emotionally crazy, physically crazy, crazy fun, i will get zeeero sleep.  it starts with a concert, a highly anticipated midnight movie full of madness, and two dates to wrap it all up (see, good things come from putting yourself on the line).  let us hope that not both dates go soooo well that it makes decisions difficult. (cricket, cricket)

someday, i'll be able to blog again

like a normal human being, living a perfectly chaotic life.


hey you . . .

i've put out my first single publicly to the world.


I'm betting you could go over to my FB page (i linked it for you), LIKE it, and then listen.

But, because the blogworld is much more eloquent than the facebook world, I will post the lyrics, just for you. . .  (blar blar blar, jules thinks she is sooo noble and generous just because she posts her lyrics)

"Cool as We"
(this song was written for and inspired by my cousin and her husband sara and george [trey] richards)

I was born with a sun-bound driven eye 
and you said that you were too
We'll buy that weird disguise just to protect those eyes
mine'll be lime green and yours cotton candy blue
oooh oooh oh oh  oooh oooh oh oh

Someday when we are 45, 
we're struttin' like we've just found life
pondering on the edge of something new. 
Promise that you'll take my hand 
and sit us in the whitest sand, 
kiss me weak, relay a joke or two.
oooh oooh oh oh  oooh oooh oh oh

We'll remember a time when they saw us fly off as the sun set 
but earth's fireball stayed up all night 
and we heard them yelling "how could that be?" 
you turned to me and chuckled out "no one is as cool as we" 
oooh oh oh oooh oooh oh oh

I still vow that I'll whisk you away 
to a place where the rain claims spontaneity
and the sun will kiss your apple cheeks 
before we sleep at night where you'll be by my side
oooh oooh oh oh oooh oooh oh oh

We'll remember a time when they saw us fly off as the sun set 
but earth's fireball stayed up all night 
and we heard them yelling "how could that be?" 
you turned to me and chuckled out "no one is as cool" 

We'll remember a time when they saw us fly off as the sun set
but earth's fireball stayed up all night 
and we heard them yelling "how could that be?" 
you turned to me and chuckled out
you turned to me and chuckled out
you turned to me and chuckled out "no one is as cool as we" 
oooh oh oh oooh oooh oh oh

mmmmkay love you bye