Marriage and Pregnancy: the ultimate teachers

We're down to 5 weeks now... come on baby girl! 
We have empty bouncy chairs and clothes just dying to be filled by newborn sweetness.  
Ryan and I have been married for 8 months and I have also been pregnant for 8 months, both of which have been awesome, (probably the former a little more than the latter) and both of which have been great educators. 

Marriage - is the sweetest thing.  I really do believe that!  Yes there are the lovely reasons of coming home to one another, having a friend by your side, supporting you at all times, and never having to say goodnight at a doorstep again.  But those are just the beginning of a fulfilled life that can be had through marriage.  I have learned so much from Ryan in these past few months.  I have learned that I can be overwhelmingly helpful, I'm an obnoxious eater, and I've enjoyed independence and control far too much.  I have learned how a car engine runs (very intriguing), how the sun works (even more intriguing and absolutely breathtaking), and which ingredients go well together (his kitchen confidence is far superior).  I have had so many opportunities to change and become better with Ryan by my side.  Closer to God.  What a perfect plan to label marriages and families as extremely important.

on the same note...

I've been pregnant for as long as I have been married.  I won't go into details, but it has been physically taxing in almost every way.  I have even experienced some sort of repercussions from hopping on one foot (note to your pregnant self) Ha!   During this pregnant period of life, I have felt quite useless.  I've spent days physically unable to cook, clean, walk, sleep, breathe well.  I feel as if I can do very little to help anyone around me and lift others up because my body has been very uncooperative.  

 And a couple of nights ago, Ryan reminded me...

I have a person growing inside of me.  He reminded me that I find so much joy in uplifting others emotionally that when I am required to put all of my efforts to raising one person physically, my sense of worth can be skewed.  How beautiful is that?  To have a husband who can help me to see so clearly... that I made the choice to give of my entire physical self for this period of time to be a "co-creator with Heavenly Father".  To give this - Heavenly Father's spirit child - a place to dwell on earth.  Our bodies are the most important thing we gain on earth - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.  I sometimes forget that things of most importance are paid with a great price.  

I am so humbled to know that I can provide a life for this child and now understand a bit more why my lot in life is to bear children.  Some women are physically unable to.  Some women don't have the opportunity to.  Some women don't want to.  Each scenario breaks my heart and my love extends great, deep distances to all of these women.  I also think that each of these scenarios can provide great learning experiences if you allow the Spirit to enter in and teach.  The lows in pregnancy have taught me patience, reliance on the Lord, humility, and extreme empathy for those with similar situations or ailments.  How perfect it is - that the lows of my pregnancy have taken me to higher planes than I could reach before.  

I have learned many things in 8 months, and I can't wait for my education to continue!

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