Remember that girl. . .

you saw, who unlocked her car, got in on the passenger side. Who paused for 10 seconds before realizing the steering wheel wasn't missing, it was just on the other side of the car, where it has rightfully belonged since she learned about an automobile at 5 years old?

So maybe I stayed in the passenger side until all the people who saw me get in, dispersed in different directions before I timidly opened the door to ninja my way back to sanity and the right seat.

That was a first. Hopefully a last.


take a stab . . .

at it.





those are the first 4 words that I found. i can't decide whether it is literally because what you see first portrays who you really are or the fact that each of these words were horizontally placed and my eyes happened to scan those specific areas. seems rather fishy if you ask me.

though i must say, finding restless first is pretttty spot on . . .

says the girl who recently began: 

cello lessons, applying to teach private group music classes, gathering data to begin motivational speaking, heavily considering a degree in ASL, painting (with little to show), receiving structural integration, working out with a personal trainer, food addiction recovery, scouring the internet for the nearest african dance class.