Recall that moment . . .

when that beautiful little cousin of mine and her man surprised me last week? Well . . . that man (Trey) sort of kind of asked me while we were on the beach "so Jules . . . am I cool enough to marry her?" I looked over at sleeping beauty catching some rays and said "yeah, I think so" while calmly freaking out inside about how my little cousin who soon became one of my very best friends and roommates in college is now grown up, ready to be married and off to live in Hawaii
(prolly for the rest of forever).

Marriage is beautiful. Love is unstoppable. I can't express the joy I feel for these two who I knew (no matter how many times they may have doubted) would end up together.

Not only are they going to be together in this life but they will be together for time and all eternity thanks to the Gospel that preaches the importance of being sealed (married) in the Temple.

I wish I could live my life without having to hear "until death do us part." for the marriages that surround me in the world . . . because I have more knowledge that tells me if I am worthy and righteous, "for time and all eternity" is the future for my husband and I.

I love you two. Look how happy they are! IT'S RIDICULOUS! AND THAT RING IS MASSIVE.

Oh man, i've got loads of good planning to do!


Lynn said...

Congratulations!! A wedding to plan brings joy to a family!!

Just a note, Jim and I both believe that we will be together in eternity and removed the 'death do us part' from our marriage vows.

allie said...

what a freakin cute couple!!! I seriously thought that from the post about them surprising you how cute they are together!!! And now they're getting married!!! how exciting...slash i might be a lil' bit jealous, but it's definitely 90% happy 10% jealous...i love you jules! miss you...

Sara said...

Julesy you are the best! Thank you so much for that awesome post, I luff you so much. See you soon!!