Lucky am I . . .

because I got to hold little crack baby Darius for 4 and a half straight hours while he slept and ate.

Darius is a lucky kid whose gay father took him at 2 days old into foster care. Bill is an exceptional human being and I even called him a molly Mormon today because of all his coupon clippings.

Darius is beautiful and gave me the gift of feeling motherhood tonight. All 8 pounds resting in my arms with no strength of his own to survive. It feels good. It feels right. And at that moment I was extremely grateful for the Gospel, for our Savior, and for our Heavenly Parents who in unison, help me remember what life is all about.

On a side note, I got asked out on my first legit date in California via text. mhmmm, stories to follow after tomorrow night.

Peace, love, and little babies . . .

1 comment:

J. said...

yay for a date! and for cute, chubby babies, too! :)
(but no 'yay' for dates leading to cute chubby babies...)