It is almost unreal . . .

How much strength I receive from God when I am simply (actually with quite difficulty) following the "sunday school answers".

I've been told for the past 20 years of my life to do 3 things:

- Go to church
- Pray morning and night
- STUDY your Scriptures daily

How do I know this works? Because if I miss one measly little day, my whole world can turn upside down. And NO, this is not some mind power that I've tricked myself into thinking if I pray and read every night, I magically stumble across more strength. It is literally showered over me from God. Whether you choose to believe it or not, I am firmly telling you that it is 100%, without a doubt, completely true. I strongly urge you to believe it today. Give it a try, what can it hurt? IT WILL WORK.

With all the love I can muster up,

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