I'm late, I'm late . . .

For a very important date. I am so excited to see Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland with the Tim Burton usual cast (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman).

Anyways, that is not what this post is about.

2 days ago celebrates the day of a very important birth. The birth of my blood cousin, my little Sarie Farie, S-money. She is 21 and I wasn't there to participate in the beauty of watching her grow up before mine eyes. . .

21 reasons I am happy this little woman was born:

1. She is literally in the top 3 coolest people in the world. Yeah . . . she's kind of a big deal.
2. She has the best laugh ever. It is even in the very first song I recorded.
3. She is SO freaking literate, it's admirable.
4. She has never once voiced dislike of who she is, so very confident.
5. She used to dance strictly with her two pointers when we were wee children.
6. Her taste in music is FABULOUS.
7. She is a beach bum hippie with a great tan and oodles of Rasta gear.
8. Her hair is crazy curly and gorgeous.
9. She and Trey (the man) are fun to hang out with together . . . and THEY'RE A COUPLE.

*This picture taken with no permission, too bad . . .*

10. She is insurmountably willful and able to accomplish anything.
11. She has never had ANY of the annoying girl qualities.
12. She texts me every time something hilarious goes down between her and Trey on a daily basis, just so I can live vicariously while being states away from her.
13. She's honest to boot.
14. Sometimes she gets really quiet and "thinky", and I LOVE it.
15. She's motivational, always able to help someone realize "they can do it!"
16. She is fun to make fun of people with. . . hahahahaha
17. She began blogging again. read HERE.

18. She is the greatest person to watch dance, SO much joy emits from her soul.
19. She is extremely forgiving.
20. She always reminds me that I am beautiful and capable of so much.
21. She has given me another best friend to laugh with for the rest of forever!

I love you!! Happy Birthday. SO wished I could have been there. Loves.

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Sara said...

Jules Jules Bo Bules I love you more than anyone could love anyone else, ever. And that's a fact. Thank you. P.S. Your new song is a new fav, its beautiful and I'm pretty positive that if my ipod was stuck on replay, replay, I could listen to it forever. Good ' ' joke ' ' hahaha