"They're hoping times will never change. . . .

But how often do things stay the same?"

Am i the only one on the planet that is THIS babyish about moving?? Don't get me wrong, I'm in it for sure and I really can't wait to get out of Utah and into Cali, but I just wish I could move all of the people with me. I am really really bad at goodbyes so I usually like to avoid them altogether, but I can't! Who knows when I will see these people again? These people that i have put so much emotion and heart into knowing and loving, I just up and leave them.

I love meeting new people and that will be one of the most exciting adventures consuming this life change. I instantly love people when I meet them and can't wait to feel that over and over again. But i feel like i don't have time for everyone. I want to give a bigger part of myself to ALL of my friends but the more I move around and change, the more friends I gain which means the worse friend i become. I just pray that I can keep my friendships intact. I love these people in Utah. I love them with all of my heart.

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