Facing . . .

A fear that has been holding you back your whole life is A. BIG. DEAL.

Me: I did it. I did it this past week. I faced THAT fear. I plunged.

Best feeling in my life. It truly set me free and gave me AN INSANE AMOUNT of beauty.

I thank YOU, YOU, YOU, and YOU for helping me overcome this fear. (you know who you are)

I thank YOU specifically for letting me talk your ear off and for helping me conclude that the fear was worth facing. YOU know my heart and YOU fought to help me.

I thank YOU specifically for being there. for allowing me to be fidgety and crazy. for dealing with my emotional mode those couple of days.

I thank YOU specifically for giving me strength that no human can attain by herself.

I thank YOU for patiently being the object of fear. For sticking it out for over 45 minutes of my childishness and for graciously giving me future "pointers". YOU were a safe test. YOU knew how crucial this was to help me grow. And YOU probably loved every second of it.

Opened my heart last week and guess what?? It was phenomenal.


lizbiz said...

Can I just say that I love this picture? It is the epitome of everything you are talking about. I just want to say how happy it makes me that you got to have such an amazing growing experience. If only more of us could face such fears.

Linds said...

Jues thanks SO much for leaving me comments! They make my day. I LOVE reading your blog too! And I'm definitely wanting to visit you in cali. Hope all is going well! Love you!

cindi said...

that picture NEEDS to be hung on the inside of my eyelids. Why the eff is that picture so freaking powerful. Holy. Jules.You are beautiful. I can't believe you found a cartoon picture of yourself. You are incredible.

dance yourself silly said...

I love YOU so much. YOU are a hero of mine. YOU are gorgeous. I can't believe WE are so close to each other... California baby. I miss YOU. I can't wait to see YOU around the holidays. I wish YOU all the luck in the world. Please keep ME updated and your new and fabulous life!