I'm fully aware . . .

That Christmas ended only 90 minutes ago, but I have too many pictures to load before I recap.

This post is dedicated to my motivated insides who are dying for "new years resolutions"

Doesn't 2010 seem feminine?? I feel like she will make the world go round in odd ways for 365 days.

Dearest 2009,
you were rough on me but you were also the most joyous year thus far. I accomplished about 85% of your goals which is a feat for me and my track record, so for that I must thank you! Let's just pray that your sister, 2010, will treat me like gold and maybe even bring me a love. . . far fetched I know but it's worth a shot. Cousin is making me excited again to be in love.
Much love, Jules

Greetings 2010,
I am thrilled to meet you and can't wait to know you better. Let's just get the list over with shall we??
- Save up enough $$ to move into my own apartment near L.A.
- Half marathon (now that I can run year round, yipee!!)
- Attempt to persuade Ellen into letting me on "the" show, for any reason possible!!
- Perfect and perform with my loop pedal
- Be an extra in a show AND make sure I can be seen
- Write letters to all current missionary friends
- Open for a reputable band/artist
- Finish full CD
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sincerely, Jules

the less the better. Man, I'm stoked about my goals, I usually loathe them because they are so ridiculous and frustrating but I've come to learn that those are the ones that leave me feeling crappy and mad because I don't attain them. let's just keep it simple this year folks.

Sleeeeeepy time. . . .

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J. said...

Oh, I LOVE your list!! :)