Can't Sit Still . . .

time for some word vomit.

10 goals for me to accomplish while in the first 6 months (not including december) of California:
*please SOMEBODY hold me accountable

1. Visit the beach at least 3 x a week. DOABLE and super enjoyable. easy.
2. Perform on the streets 2 x a month. calling all dolla bills. cash money. ice. u name it, i'll take it.
3. Perfect the "jumping on the beach" picture. ahhh yea.
4. Raise money to buy a beach cruiser. sooooo awesome.
5. Make a friend. . . don't judge me.
6. Play beach volleyball at least ONCE.
7. Find 10 celebs whether intentionally or by random. lets hope i find me a howler.
8. Finish self made CD.
9. Get in contact with 10 important people in the industry that have the potential of "making me happen."
10. Cry whenever the freeeeak i want to because this ain't gonna be easy folks. and imma girl so imma gonna cry.

Since today's the day, I'll end by saying. . . .

let's hope we don't have a breakdown here. kiss kiss


J. said...

Consider yourself CHECKED... because I will hold you to all of these...
Blog about all of the above, when you can.... if you find yourself having too fabulous of a time, then just keep record, OK?
love you, doll... remember: some small-town girls are living vicariously through you ;)

Sara said...

I will personally hold you accountable to each and every one of those. Plus I'm probably going to be involved in a lot (beach jump pic here I come). Also, the peace, love and incense t-shirts are just dying to be made!

b said...

i love you! i have to say that each of those goals is wonderful for sunny cali and I'm oh so jealous that you are there. hope it's treating you well, xo