You know . . .

Those moments where all you want to do is dance to blaring music (preferably gansta style) but you are sitting in bed attempting to sleep because you need to work in the morning?


If I were as cool as I strive to be, I would get my butt out of bed and do it.

Wow I just motivated myself unintentionally . . . praise the blog Ala

***************** 30 minutes later ************************
I REALLY did not want to take the effort to perform above activity before I began blogging tonight. Let's just say:

That was thee most successful blog post to date. I have a lot to ramble about but I'm thinking this has turned into a "more is less" situation. Go do something completely awesome right now. it'll make you feel cool i pinky swear.

Good night

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lizbiz said...

Love the pictures! I busted up laughing at work! Seriously, they brought life to the post. I'm so happy you actually got up and started dancing. :-)