All Good Things. . .

must (for some odd reason) come to a freaking end.

*the view from my new job in downtown Ventura!*

*the beauty of Santa Monica*

Just sitting on my bed which is currently stripped of it's lovely flannel clothing; facing bare walls, Christmas presents (yes my mother has already turned my room into santa's workshop), and shelves who I would swear are complaining that they are now lonely.

I've made the rounds of friends and family to make sure I get in enough of their beautiful faces to haunt my dreams for years to come and I've also eaten Cafe Rio about 10 times, you'd think I have this irrational fear that it will become extinct in the next 2 weeks before I'm back home eating it with the Ange Mong from Wisconsin.

But I am leaving. weird. and I won't be back. double weird. I won't be able to drive home because I need a fix of my mom's addictive cooking. I won't be able to call one of my 3 Beauties to come be with me on a whim. I won't see you when your plane lands, I will have to resort to a dreaded phone call which has never given humanity any credit for being wonderful.

I will be warm. different. I will have major responsibility. I will be in love with the place, people, and culture you have to offer.

So although this incredible life has to come to an end, I will be able to start fresh while the sun beats down daily. It's doable I guess . . .


J. said...

That view is AMAZING!!
Good luck, darling! I can't wait to read all about this new adventure!

Chad and Jordan Wilson said...

you are going to have the time of your life. Good luck!!! loves.

katrina said...

ahh sounds incredible! im excited to hear all out it throught the lovely blogging world! good luck!