You know you live . . .

In the  s*n*o*w  when . . .

- fashion is thrown out the window and all puffy, ugly coats are a go!
- you and your roommates keep a "slip and fall on ice" tally.
- sledding is a competitive sport.
- your eyes are glued to the ground for an entire season.
- you truly understand the concept of frozen snot.
- driving becomes a prerogative of the brave.
- everybody and their dogs are diagnosed with seasonal depression.
- you wake up 45 minutes earlier than any other season to be  p.u.n.c.t.u.a.l.
- p u zz es and candles are kept nigh for any sudden week-long power outages.
- ice scraping must be mastered to prevent frustration.
- snowboarding vs. snow skiing is no laughing matter!
- your desire for a boyfriend grows 10 fold just to keep yourself a leeeetle bit warmer.

looking forward to the snow is all :)

Love love


Andrea said...

I've decided fall is my favorite season. I like it because is a calm ending to a usually wild and go go go fun summer with warm soups, nice breezy days, and a new wardrobe to sport. I also like it because I feel like a squirrel preparing for the winter with fall harvests, apple picking, bread making mastering, thinking about halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. Enjoy the fall preparing for the winter.
Nice post

He & Me said...

Ahhh frozen snot and slip and fall in the snow tallys. Classic. Let no one forget who the 2 tied champions of that competition are. I am actually REALLY excited to bust out all my hats...call me crazy. Love that pic.

Linds said...

Jues! I love this post. And I love the fact that you are moving back here. Can we please play when you're here? AND... If you ever are looking for a roommate, just let me know!!