So i've been . . .

performing for multiple years now.

I know all about it.
The thrill, the adrenaline, the big ego that follows a perfectly sung song.
I've felt it over and over and over again. I yearned for it, I'm good at it.  It doesn't make me nervous. I gained confidence, I gained friendships.  I enjoy the silence of a room full of social butterflies whose ears are tuned so carefully to catching every word that escapes my lips.
It's an art form that I feel I have captured well.

Because I know performing, I know audience.  I've seen it all!  from people who couldn't give a lick about my poetry, to those who I have come to know and love very well only because of a song I sang that touched their core.  I have tried my best to please the diverse audiences that come my way. 

But then there is that ONE audience.  The one with a solo viewer.  The one that listens more intently than any of the others combined.  The one that showers me with blessings and compliments.  The one that helps put me back in my place of humility.  The one who holds the key to my eternal progression.

Guys, I feel so stupid right now.  Monetarily, staying in California would be logical.  I have the opportunity of making a lot and being in the sun constantly.  It's me-Jules. the ultimate dream-chaser.  leaving to go back home.  why?? I may not know exactly why right now.  But I do know that money has never held any weight in my book of importance.  I also know that God is the only audience I have that is worth pleasing. 

I may not ever have crowds cheering my name and singing my ditties.  I may not ever have gobs of money to pass around to those in need.  I may not ever live in year-round sun again.  BUT- I will have the assurance that I am doing everything in my power to please my Heavenly Father.  I DO have this opportunity to sacrifice a potential booming music career. Not because I can't do it.  Jules doesn't believe in cants. It's because I have one goal ultimately that stands above the rest.

I am Julie Lucille Morrow, a daughter of God, whose potential is beyond words and comprehension.  I have great faith that my Father in Heaven is leading me back to him through small and simple means.  I know that if I continue this way my whole life, I will live with him again and reign in glory in the eternities.  THAT is why I am here. and THAT is why it is okay for me to give this up.  I know that there is more in store.

The best part about it?? the fact that if we all strive for the same goal, we'll reign together as gods and goddesses, in eternal bliss. I love you all!!!

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Fantabulous Lil P said...

I barely know you, but that really touched me. I'm glad I went to your blog today. I needed to read that. Thx for unintentionally inspiring me!