New project . . .

I'm taking on.

Since my days will be spent in Utah for an indefinite amount of time, I have decided to seize the opportunity of being around many people who are engaged or about to become engaged.  Light-bulb moment. 

What can I provide for your wedding??

A) I can provide all the music. you name the artists and songs, I'll cover them like they've never been covered before.  I believe I have a knack for covering :)

B) I have decided to offer my services of music and lyrics.  I will interview both bride and groom-to-be together and separately, gathering every piece of their souls I can to compose a song just for them and perform it at their wedding, if they so desire.  this is no easy task, I am my harshest critic when it comes to writing songs but I think it is a good opportunity for me to grow in creativity while making someone else's special day, THAT much more special.  plus, the money don't hurt!

Because my CD is wrapping up, you will all be able to hear and know my writing style soon if you purchase a copy of my CD :)

Pass on the word, because this may just become the next big wedding "must-have" 

Loves love!!

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ren said...

Jules! How are you beautiful girl? I have missed your blog so much! It sounds like things are going well for you :) I'm glad to hear you'll be back in Utah! You'll have to post your schedule of performances, I'd love to see you play sometime! I'm dying to know more of this mystery man...the best story teller ever...he sounds amazing! lots of love to you! :)