Album Preview . . .


Check it.

I really do apologize for the creepy factor . . . but it's the reel deel


Superstitious beings walk right through me daily, gives me chills but that's okay. While high strung fathers lift their nose up into grey skies just to prove they'll never get there anyway.

Open up our eyes and we'll see. I'm calling every kind of you to gather around me and sing ae ae sing ae ae ode (repeat a few thousand times) ode to us.

You keep going as if world were not around you, we all know it's in your cave you hide.  But see that dull born lady? there's no one else like her, let's put our breath together, exhale, and make her fly.  

Open up your eyes and you'll see. I'm calling every kind of you to gather around me and sing ae ae sing ae ae ode (yada yada yada)
ode to us. 

You're all apart of me and these voices set me free so thank you for allowing me to finally just let me be.

Ode to us.


allie said...

ahhhh!!! I'm freaking out! i wanna hear this song so bad and it says i have to accept some sort of friend request...i don't know what to do i'm panicking!

Jules Morrow said...

It's working now!!!! sorry :)

the lovebirds said...

LOVE!!!! love love this song. wow.

that's all i can seem to say. I'm still in awe. love you!

He & Me said...

a) I was loving and laughing out loud at your HP reference

b) In the part where you're sitting next to Bald Guy you look like a super model

c) I cannot believe how lucky I am to make an appearance in Creepiest Movie (I can't believe you left out the pseudo-strangling!)

d) Your voice sounds U.N. R.E.A.L.

selja sini said...

fabulous..amazing= brilliant

nicole hatfield said...


janer said...

Jules I can't wait for your cd!!!