Just like painting . . .

a picture or collaging can be therapeutic to me, so can creating graphic art.

I got the bicycle necklace a couple of days ago and gushed over it. a tiny little bike held by a chain worn around the neck of a person who isn't exactly scaled proportionately to ride the bike.

I couldn't stop holding it! realizing that if there was a mini man who hopped on board, I would have the ability to guide him wherever he goes more successfully than the imaginary personage.  My perspective was greater, therefore giving the little guy an opportunity to be led (mostly into the unknown) because I could see much more than he could.

God is my guiding hand in everything.  I continue to be more and more grateful for this every single day.

oh how I love him, my Heavenly Father


the lovebirds said...

love your "new" blog. you are gorgeous inside and out. this seriously is a beautiful post.

Andrea said...

So fun to see you this past weekend. Thanks for hanging with us. Keep livin the dream there in Cali, I don't think you will ever regret the time you are spending to be there and the sacrifices you are making to follow your musical heart. Stay the course! Love ya!

kara lynn said...

little trinkets on necklaces are amazing. i collect them and strand them together. and it has become my favorite necklace because it is so meaningful with wonders from all over. but i don't have a bicycle. i must add that to my collection sometime..