Just a quick . . .

Thought. Question. thingy. meebler (smirky smile to the dietz/mackay clan).

Does every culture with a different language than ours also feel the need to say "goodbye" 5 different ways before the actual action of "goodbye" takes place??

You know what I'm talking about:

"it was SO great talking to you today!"
"I agree, we'll do it again"
"K cool, well I will talk to you later"
"yeah sounds good, I will see you soon."
"yeah peace out!"
"right, perfect, love you"
"love you too"
"k bye"

you KNOW you have those conversations. Don't. even. begin. to deny it.


Esther Cahoon said...

I don't think it's necessarily cultural...just human nature, perhaps. My grand-daughter Ella and I do it too! She says something like, "Goodbye, Granny," "Peace Out, Granny," "You be safe, Granny," "You tell Grandpa to be safe," "Bye-Bye, Granny," "I love you so much, Granny," "Okay, bye Granny!" And that's all at the end of one visit! She is the CUTEST thing! (LOL)

Maybe...Just maybe...It's a girl thing! Universally speaking of course! :) Love your Posts, Julie!

cindi said...

JULES!! remember how we were talking about laughing so hard that your body physically has to do something to be able to fully express your laughter, such as: clap your hands, hit your knees, or in your case, pound my car door when you found out I listened to your boot camp? well I KNOW our way of being excited is the same way. THE SONG THE SONG THE SONG! YOU PUT IT ON YOUR BLOG! I instantly got so happy, I giggled and clapped my hands in joy. I love it.... and love you too.