So um . . .

Maybe I made a horrible first impression with no make up, hair undone, and sweatpants.

Maybe I tried bolting.

Maybe once I got there, I wanted to try bolting again.

Maybe I am more grateful than EVER for second chances.

Maybe I had a heck of a hard time sleeping last night.

Maybe this is going to be the loooongest day of my existence.

Maybe 1 of 2 things will happen.

Maybe I am kind of a little bit glad I was in my sweatpants last night.

Maybe there were way too many people to be sure of anything.

Maybe my little heart was a little too flustered.

Maybe surprises are only good sometimes . . . . that's a lie. they are always great.

Maybe I woke up as early as if this is the first day of school again.

Maybe I put forth extra effort.

Maybe I tried too hard which I always blame THEM for doing.

Maybe I was awkward which never happens.

Maybe I already came up with a fantastic nick name. Is that how you spell it?? Nick name?? or Nic-name? or Nik name?? now i have to go find out . . . Got it, it's Nickname.

Maybe my dreams are premonitions.


Maybe, just maybe, my fish analogy is true  . . .


J. said...

MAYBE the vagueness of this post has me SUPER CURIOUS!! :)
I just adore you, my dear!

Emily said...

I definitely think the fish analogy is true! I truuuuuly do. And... i will see you in just a few hours. LOVE YOU

Rose said...

here is my fish analogy. you are the fish and I fish you but then I release you but then you just hang around cus you're neat like that. i guess thats nto really an analogy... or is it?

Kelli Anderson said...

this is soooo not vague is hindsight. ok i love this.