Allow me to . . .


THIS is Nathan.

Don't be mistaken by the ugly picture, HE models.

HE is my best friend in California.

HE has even made it to the tier of best friends ever.

HIS birthday was 3 days ago. I am pretty glad that he was birthed.

HE cracks me up the entire time I am with him.

HE helps me to make changes in my life.

HE understands me and my soul.

HE goes around the round about over and over and over again.

HE has a cartoon laugh.  Can't describe it, you just have to hear it.  It makes everything more hilarious.

HE finds beauty in just about everything.

HE drives fast but I trust him with my life.

HE has fabulous taste in music.

HE loves guns and shooting them when appropriate.

HE and I speak in British accents.

HE not only holds the Priesthood but is extremely worthy of it.

I love HIS friggin guts!

And HE is on his way over so we can fly his new kite on my water tower.

heppy berthdaye :)

1 comment:

Nathan said...

Lets be honest. He can't be THAT great...otherwise you would just marry him...oh, wait.