I am obsessed . . .

With the fact that life is full of grown-up responsibilities and activities . . .

Because I am pretty p+o+s+i+t+i+v+e that I have found (through a lot of hard work and creativity) a child-like (not to be confused with childish) solution to accomplishing all of them.  

What's that?  You would like 2 examples?? great! here they are:

-grown up solution: rest, watch television
-Jules solution: lay sprawled, on your stomach, on the back of a couch humming tunes, sometimes even falling asleep to the sound of your own voice.

-grown up solution: treadmill, speed walking (teehehehe speedwalking), elliptical
-Jules solution: photoshoot jogging, "harry potter" jogging, conductor jogging, long-boarding, rock climbing, street dancing, dancing on the top of a mountain, tandem biking.

Catch my drift??
I know I know. . . . I'm just being a bum, trying to make you all jealous of my life.  Although thanks to the help of mostly Lyndsay, I realized if you wanted to live your lives this way, you would.  But I THINK ya'll are crazy sauce 

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