It once seemed wretched . . .

the thought of giving "home recording" a GO! again.

But . . .

*way sweet pic playing at Muse Music, taken by Nate Edwards*

The end is in sight friends. 
And I am actually enjoying recording and mixing. 

With that said . . . I can now promise you a full length album by mid-July.  It may be home recordings but it will actually be done!

Previews will be given to no one in the hopes that you won't get sick of it after the 3rd time of listening! SOOO . . . here are my favorite (or one of my favorite) lines from each song that is on the album.  Consider this a preview!

1. "He hops straight out of bed just to clear his head and she smiles with pride cause he is hers to keep."

2. "Just took a peek and ran, thumped a beat through sand, cried the same happy tears and watch them in my laugh they land."

3.  "I will stand to make a mess, get you to think and second guess.  Would you stand to throw it back and preach me everything I lack?"

4. "Sit right down firm clasp to my hand, take out a paper and pen, write your name over and over again."

5. "The moment I caught his eye, well he didn't catch mine back cause he was posed and in a frame but I really don't care, I love his first name."

6. "Like that evil Scar you won't get too far before I reign in my rightful throne cause I'm heir you see to inside of me and I'll tell you I keep finding gold."

7. "Paint as if you'd inspire, breathe as if it's fuel for a fire."

8. "See that dull born lady? There's no one else like her, lets put our breath together, exhale, and make her fly."

9. "Tie us up with ribbons yellow, gold and make a vow we'll last beyond the old cause just for now it just won't do, I feel the need to spend my endless life with you."

10. "They don't think I hear the accusations and laughter of the people and how they appear, how do I live my life surrounded by this kind."

11. "Valentine, I am desperate you see because my hands still touch the ground.  I need your dancing feet here with me, to help keep me spinning around."

12. "Not a touch has been the same.  There's fear that follows every bass who plays her name."


P.S. The Weepies came out with a new single this month: AWESOME
P.P.S. Andrew Belle is my latest and greatest in music listenings: ALSO AWESOME


J. said...

Love line #7- and of course, line #9! :)
Can't wait till the album is done... I want one!!

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