My understanding . . .


Then I begin to gain more understanding at a faster rate. 

The more i understand, the more I realize I HAVE to understand.

How am I completely happy and okay?  How am I filled with so much love and patience?  How can I be so sure and relaxed?  How can I know without a doubt?

simply, because God gave what he knew I could handle.  Every time I prove myself, he gives me more.  Right now, I don't quite know what to do with all of the information that has been shoved into my soul; but it feels right. 

I can't stop thinking about my children.  Yes, the ones that are not born yet.  But not in the "baby hungry, get me married" kind of way like it used to be.

Every step I take, every decision I make is for  My Heavenly Father, myself, and my children.  My new attitude towards marriage has been enlightening and peaceful.  I can promise you that currently everything I do and say is for the only people that it really matters for. 

I love my Prophet.  I love every bit of counsel given by every single Prophet.  It will now be the easiest decision to make:  Follow the counsel of the Prophets.  I will do this as long as I live.  Because I know and have seen the powers of darkness literally disperse from my life.

I am over television.
I am over movies. (except disney and "A Walk to Remember")
I am over degrading music.
I am over degrading dancing.
I am over silly relationships.
I am over useless books.
I am over fad diets, unhealthy food, and laziness.
I am over gossip.
I am over lies and deceits.
I am over fame and riches.

"If my heart has one ambition, if my soul one goal to seek.  This my solitary vision: That I only dwell in thee."
- Brooke Fraser "Hymn"

I think it is safe to say that I have gained my peripheral vision (in the eternal sense) over the past 6 months.  Join me please.  It is a pleasure seeing clearly. Also, I love you all and have most all of you to thank for helping me get to this point in my life. 

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Ryan & Jamie said...

Love you, Julie!
Thanks for sharing your Testimony and your faith.