after watching . . .

"Lady and the Tramp" a few weeks ago, I keep thinking about my favorite part in the movie: When Lady refers to her masters as "Jim, Dear" and "Darling" because that is what they call each other.

How adorable.

Darling. .

What will my puppy (or perhaps less hairy, less slobbery fish) think mine and my husband's names are??

Superstar and handsome??

Beautiful and charming??

Muffin and Bees-knees??

yeah okay . . . seemed cute but now I wanna vomit.

but i think i like superstar, maybe a little . . .  and bees-knees.  I can deal with those.

ha ha ha bees-knees. he will like that.


J. said...

You're adorable. :)
My new fellow calls me "Mamma"... and although it's a bit odd because I am NOT a mother (unless you count being a 'mom' to my dogchildren) it makes me smile a little... ok, alot.

Lynn said...

My Jim Dear doesn't call me Darling... but I have to say every time I watch that movie it makes me smile, wondering what Jim would think if I started calling him Jim, Dear!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

You are so lucky! I want a puppy SO bad!