Have You Ever. . .

Met this girl??? She's a little piece of heaven and when I say little I mean, a 4'11" piece of heaven. She is 21 today and I just want everyone in the world to know how spectacular she really is!! We met our Freshman year at Utah State and have been good friends ever since. She is hysterical, I mean TRULY hysterical. She can make me cry because I laugh way hard and I have Chronic dry eyes so. . . . you do the math. Anyways. . . these tidbits will just help to prove my point. She is just so incredible and I hope that I can be half as giving as she is someday.

Happy Birthday Katabie (Katie) Taylor! I hope you know that you are WONDERFUL!!!
21 things that I love about Katie:
1. She is a legit friend and will never betray you.
2. Her and her boyfriend Jake, are THEE cutest couple you will ever see in your whole entire life.
3. She is constantly serving people (Mexico, Ecuador, Salt Lake City, Logan, you name it, she's helped!)
4. She once said, and I quote. . . "YOU'RE excited? feel THESE nipples".
5. She and I once played catch while dancing around for a good hour +
6. She's extremely motivating and extremely motivated.
7. She is a lover of music.
8. She had to take the most repulsive class on sex just for completing her undergrad.
9. She covered up sexual pictures found in her book required for said sex class with sticky notes.
10. She wants to choke people ALL THE TIME.
11. She is the funniest person to see mad or pretend mad.
12. Every time we swam, she would try to turn it into a workout.
13. She CAN lick her elbow, I know, I know, we're all not worthy.
14. She is brilliant and ALWAYS gets good grades, this is why she is in school and I am not.
15. She is a hoot to dance with!
16. She can ALWAYS make you feel good, because she is genuine in her many compliments.
17. She has one of the strongest testimonies in the world.
18. She includes everybody and does it more than anyone I know!
19. This picture. . .

20. She has a drive to help people all around the world, and she's making it come true through her career choice.
21. She can now get crunk.


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Katie Taylor said...

So I just barely read this for the first time! Oh my Jules, that was the nicest thing ever. I freakin love you more than life itself. You are hilarious and one of the best people I know!