Why am I laying in a hotel bed in Minneapolis???

That's a good question, so here is my grand answer.
Have you ever flown on a plane? I know it's a stupid question but I'm really getting somewhere I pinky swear. If you HAVE flown on a plane, then the following will come as no surprise to you or your fellow plane riders:

A. Flight is delayed due to weather in August. . .
B. Flight is delayed once again once we actually get on the airplane. . .
C. Flight is delayed sooo much that we actually miss our connecting plane to SLC from Minneapolis. . . BY 10 MINUTES PEOPLE!
D. Only available flight to SLC is tomorrow morning. . . and no worries, it has a layover in Phoenix. Meaning, we don't fly in to SLC until noon tomorrow (if everything goes as planned, which if you are one of those plane fliers, you know that NOTHING goes as planned in airports.)
E. Dad books hotel for mother and I that requires us to take a shuttle.
F. Have you ever really stopped to think about the way an airport is built? What genius designed it?? (See "G")
G. In order to receive shuttle transportation, we have to go up the escalator, down 2 escalators, around the right bend, up 5 escalators, down the hall to the far left, up one more escalator, down 4 elevator flights, up a bunch of stairs and ramps, take a tram on the left side, get off of the 2nd stop, turn right thru the spinning tunnel and over the buttercup forest, THEN you will find the actual SIGNS that tell you where to go for the shuttles. (I shall spare you, but you get my point.)
H. Did anyone realize that "G" is freakishly true?
I. The little girl I passed while on my way to the Lou was singing and spinning around, it was the only thing worth living for at the moment.
J. So here I sit, in a quite beautiful hotel room with an overly dramatic and completely un-called for scowl on my face because I was supposed to be home in about an hour and frankly, I am just upset and I have zero faith in airplanes.

Thank you and Goodnight!

P. S. I promise that tomorrow's post will be positive and uplifting. . . maybe

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Lynn said...

My only comment is... Minneapolis???? Do you realize how close that is to Detroit?????????