A Night Filled with Magic!

The oh so adorable Birthday Girl, Caitlin
It started off at Red Iguana for Miss Caitlin Mecham's Birthday, she is now 20 and celebrated her Golden! Then we were off to the FREE Iron and Wine concert which was AWESOME. They do the greatest free concerts every thursday night throughout the summer, courtesy of the Gallivan Center. If you ever need something to do while visiting Salt Lake in the summer, GO TO A CONCERT! We then journeyed over to Caitlin's house to have cake and do the whole birthday shabang! It was loads of fun, especially all the crazy dancing.
JRowe, Abs, and C8 (Jenny, Abbey, and Caitlin) aren't they gorgeous?
Then, spontaneity took over and I cut straight across bangs in my hair. . . well I wasn't the one who cut them, the FABULOUS Claire Hunter cut them, right in Caitlin's bathroom. I LOVE THEM! Who would have thought?? It all came about from a comment that JROWE
(or formally known as Jenny Rowe) made when we first got to Red Iguana. She mentioned her desire to see me with straight across bangs, and the rest of the crew chimed in until I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted them right there and then, so presto!

Claire is a licensed hairstylist and is AMAZING! She is fantastic at what she does so if you ever need a great hair cut, you know who to call on.
This is Claire and I before she cut my hair, yeah, she made me look like a rockstar.
Loved the entire day and night, and now I can rest with my own pillow beneath my head!! hooray!

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katrina said...

oh wow i love the bangs. fabulous.