My apologies. . .

It's been a full week since I've written and it's a little bit sad to think about, but I've had a week full of Church History, amazing roller coasters, and relaxation with the parents! I am more than excited to get back to my love: the music, my veganism (my stomach will thank me once again), and a schedule! Gotta love vacation but it's always good to get back home. Now lets get down to business and introduce this weeks artist for New Music Tuesday: And the winner is. . .


I know what you're thinking, another girl?? and her name is Rosie?? I proudly say yes because quite frankly, if your jaw doesn't drop when you hear what this girl's voice can do, then you don't have the ears of a human. And is that picture of her not completely AMAZING?? I am in love with her dress, her hair, her make up and whoever took this photograph of her. I forgot to mention the pearls :)

Click HERE to see her completely adorable music video titled: Kite Song.

Do you not love her??

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