I'd like to recap

this hilarious boating trip with my "funner than life" co-workers. It was epic.

I swear that I love Katrina too much. She is GORGEOUS and insanely WITTY it's like she's got the best of both worlds going on. (Not in a Miley Cyrus way.)

And this, folks, is Allie. Isn't she hot?? I know, right? What a babe. I heart her!

Here we have Clark . . . probably the funnest person in my office. WTFreak? it didn't spell check funnest? I guess funnest is a word now people. Hallelujah.

And this would be Katrina, Allie, and me getting our groove on. Oh yes it was spectacular. And we did it JUST to get Clark to tube by himself, why? you might ask, because watching Clark tube by himself is a big ole LOL. (sorry I hate LOL but desperate times call for desperate measures.)

As you can see, I am not deprived of fun people while at work. Love you SINET.

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