I will now give the most cliche analogy. . .

and make it work for love. Don't judge a book by its' cover. TRULY think about this. Take a book with the most glorious cover in the world (which will be different to everyone) and stare at it. Do you love it? Yes, of course you LOVE the cover, you LOVE the outside, it's the most glorious cover you have ever seen so you will LOVE it. Do you LOVE the book though? Do you LOVE the author that wrote the book, created, and defined the book just by the look of the cover? *erase sarcasm for just a second* no, you don't LOVE the book or the author just by looking at the cover. Now read the book, of course you will take time to read this book because it has a beautiful cover! What if this book appears to be the most incredible book in the universe but the contents are completely ugly to you? Do you LOVE the book now? No, you will most likely try to sell the book on ebay or give it to the DI. It's not even worthy to recommend to your family or friends.

You see, when I start reading a book, I finish it. Whether the words are heinous or wonderful. I can't pick up a book without reading the entire book, be it ugly or beautiful cover. This is how I am with my relationships. I read the entire book and go for the ugly and the beautiful. I always find something to LOVE about the book at the end of my curious journey. The worst book I've ever read is good for one thing: It was humorously outlandish. Give every book a chance. Read it and study its' contents until you can find something to LOVE about it. The next time you go to the book store or library, pick up the UGLIEST book you can find. I dare you. You may be surprised by it's contents. I also dare you to talk to the UGLIEST person you see at your next "social event". Stop searching only beautiful people. Boys and Girls are both to blame. I can honestly say that although looks can persuade me, I will ALWAYS dig deep to find something I LOVE about everyone. Some of the most amazing people I've met are not necessarily beautiful on the outside. It's amazing what LOVING the inside can do for the outside appearance though.

One day, I will pick up an ordinary, ugly, or exceptional looking book (because I search all 3) and scan it down to pocket size because I want nothing more than to read that book ALL the time. That, my friends, is true LOVE.

Post script. . . This is my new wish list item.A Loop pedal. Want to see one in action? (I promise you do) Click here. Incredible. If you were not aware, KT is a hero of mine.

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