To all those wondering. . .

This is what I eat on a daily basis since I've switched over to a Vegan lifestyle.  It's NOT a big deal so please don't try to make it a big deal.  I've never felt this good and full of vitality.  When people find out that I'm a Vegan, (I have probably told 2 people, everyone else thinks it's a secret to spread) the question they ask is along these
 lines. . .  "What do you eat, give me like your days worth of food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner."

It's kind of an annoying question so I will now refer those who wonder to said blog post.  

-Rice Milk (tastes like CANDY)
-Fruit, fruit, fruit, more fruit
*weirded out yet?? didn't think so!

Lunch & Dinner: (since I obviously don't eat the same things every day, I will give you a list of the meals I eat, you crazies)
-RICE (my new bf, and by bf I mean boyfriend)
-Dishes from the following restaurants:
-Honey seared dish from Pei Wei with tofu and veggies (best tofu EVER)
-Bangkok Curry dish from Noodles & Co.  with tofu.  (one of the best dishes I've ever had!)
-Footlong veggie on wheat, can you guess where from??
-Avocado and bean tostada from La Puente (
hold the cheese!)
-Veggie tacos from Red Butte Cafe
-Cheeseless veggie pizza from Little Caesar's
-As you can see, there are MANY options for eating out, and I've found the BEST dishes through veganism!
-Avocado on everything
-Salads with mounds of veggies and olive oil and balsamic vinegar
-Bean burritos
-Veggie wraps
-ANYTHING with cooked, steamed, or raw veggies.
-I'm learning how horrid I am at cooking because everytime I try something adventurous, I end up throwing it away and opening a jar of spaghetti sauce so have patience with me I'm learning.

Snacks and Desserts:
-swedish fish :)
-chocolate soy ice cream (SOO good!)
-fruits and veggies
-more rice
-any candy without dairy
-tortilla chips and salsa

Seriously guys. . . i'm OKAY.  I'm still eating (I know it's hard to believe that there is cheeseless, milkless food out there).  But I really am so thrilled with veganism.  almost 4 weeks strong and it is still as easy as day 1.

Want to know WHY I am now a vegan?
Read THIS book and find out for yourself.


Lynn said...

Hello! I found your blog on FB!! I love it! When I get back from China I might convert! About 4 years ago I did a version of this diet and felt the same way. I didn't miss meat as much as I missed dairy, but I did substitute soy cheese. Now if I could just tackle stress eating.. I might lose some weight chasing around my big teen and little girls!

Love you!

Chad and Jordan Wilson said...

have you ever had the TriColor Pizza at california pizza kitchen? I could eat that every day of my life. DELICOUS!(dressing on the side suites me best)